Integrated work makes fun

All HR for Dynamics modules are fully integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power platform. The synchronization of data between all areas happens automatically and in real-time.

  • For example, applications from your website are automatically transferred to the recruiting module. You do not have to enter master data again.
  • If you decide to hire the applicant, he or she will be transferred to the Microsoft HR Employee Administration with a single click.
  • If you have hired a salesperson, his or her sales commission from the sales department is automatically transferred to HR every month to prepare the payroll automatically.
  • For all employees in service, the availabilities are updated directly from HR via absences (vacation, illness, etc.).

You work efficiently and there is no multiple entry.

Exclusive benefits

Modular and scalable

HR for Dynamics has a modular structure, ranging from the addition of an existing HR system to the deployment as a fully comprehensive HR management solution.

Furthermore, the solution is flexibly scalable. Editions are available for small and medium-sized companies up to large corporations.

With the industry templates, HR for Dynamics is prepared for the use in your industry. So you can start immediately out-of-the-box and benefit from the experience of many customers in your industry.

The solution is certified for many countries so that even internationally oriented companies can use the solution to meet the specific requirements of individual country branches.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Recruiting & Onboarding extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 with professional applicant management and onboarding module for new employees.

From job planning and applicant management all the way to creating an offer: the module supports you throughout the entire applicant life cycle. You will be supported further until the new employee's first day at work and beyond that until the end of the onboarding.

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Staff Administration & Automation

The module for staff administration provides all important functions for employee organization. In the 360° Digital Personnel File, you have complete access to all data and documents of each employee at a glance. Through the Dynamics platform, you even have access to information from your employees' departments.

HR for Dynamics contains automations for a large number of routine activities out-of-the-box. Time-consuming routine tasks are thus taken over by the software. You monitor only with the help of meaningful dashboards.

In HR for Dynamics, a convenient self-services portal is available to all employees and managers. These self-services additionally relieve HR administration of routine tasks.

All tasks are completed in a single uniform interface - if you wish in Outlook, Microsoft Teams, in the browser or mobile with all common end devices.

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Digital Personnel File 2.0

The digital personnel file from HR for Dynamics is the central entry point for your employee administration. It provides you with all information about the employee digitally and structured in a single place.

With classic HR programs from the days of IT islands, you could manage a few selected employee data in HR administration. In HR for Dynamics, you see ALL the employee's data in his or her digital personnel file - including documents and data from other departments, such as:

  • Commissions from Sales
  • Hourly bookings from Time & Attendance
  • Customer satisfaction from Customer Service
  • Project hours from Project Management
  • Absences from production

How does it work? The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Platform enables unrestricted collaboration between HR, specialist departments and employees directly after go-live - without integration projects!

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Talent & Performance Management

The module Talent & Performance Management provides all important functions for your talent management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

From employee reviews and target agreements to further training and eLearning - all measures for the development of colleagues are fully available.

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Time & Attendance

The Time & Attendance module provides you with all the functions you need to track, evaluate and further process attendances and working hours by your employees.

Every company is different, every employee and every situation requires different ways of time tracking. In the solution, employees have six different alternatives for their time tracking.

Rules for breaks and working times ensure compliance and safety at work. Managers and HR always have an overview of current attendances and can evaluate all data and correct it if necessary.

Standard integrations to common ERP systems and to the Dynamics 365 module Project Service Automation (PSA) are directly available.

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Leave & Absence

The Leave & Absence module extends HR for Dynamics with comprehensive options for requesting and managing leave such as vacation, illness, parental leave and much more.

Self-services are available to employees for entering their leave. These can also be used while traveling and working from home. For requests requiring approval, such as leave or overtime compensation, the process is organized by the system. Managers and HR can approve them, view availability on calendars and evaluate the information.

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Travel & Expenses

The Travel & Expenses module extends HR for Dynamics with professional travel management. It covers all steps from planning, approval and organization of the trip to the entry of receipts and the calculation of expenses.

Using the self-services, employees have mobile access to all information and documents of their trip from anywhere in the world. Photos of receipts can be captured directly via smartphone. In addition, employees can have the system calculate their additional expenses for meals. The expenses are immediately forwarded to finance and accounting for quick reimbursement to the employees.

Managers are involved in the approval process for travels and expenses and can give their approval with a single click.

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Training & eLearning

The Training & eLearning module helps you organize continuing education measures - from selecting the internal or external training provider to managing participants and creating participant certificates.

Routine tasks such as the creation of certificates are automated. You are proactively alerted to deadlines and they are always present in dashboards.

Choose from thousands of beginner and advanced eLearning courses in key subject areas - including sales, marketing, finance, operations, IT, software and web development, customer service, and more.

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Employee Self-Services

Employees can now manage their absences, activities, travel expenses and receipts themselves. The Employee Portal provides all the necessary functions centrally.

Enable your employees to manage travel and expenses themselves - even mobile via smartphone, tablet or offline in Outlook.

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Manager Self-Services

HR for Dynamics offers Manager Self-Services (MSS) specifically designed for managers. Why not quickly release a few vacation requests on the highway in a traffic jam when nothing is going anywhere?

Through the Dynamics platform, managers also have access to their employees' data in the self-services and can thus work extremely efficiently.

  • Approval of travel
  • Collaboration in the recruiting process
  • Approve leave requests
  • Retrieve employee availability
  • Access ad hoc reporting

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Compensations & Benefits

Payroll preparation is the bridge to your payroll software. All information for payroll accounting is collected, prepared and made available for transfer.

Standard interfaces for common payroll accounting solutions are available for transfer to payroll accounting. Alternatively, structured Excel files can be generated automatically for transfer.

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Reporting & Analytics

HR for Dynamics provides you with evaluations of all areas of human resources in real time. Meaningful diagrams and tables give you an immediate overview of working hours, vacation and sick days, recruiting processes, training requirements, etc., for many employees or for a specific employee in detail. - for many employees or even for a specific employee in detail.

Track time-critical processes at any time via the deadline dashboard in your familiar Microsoft Outlook or web browser.

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Leadership & Management

HR for Dynamics values the time of managers.

The solution gives you full visibility to shared data across the enterprise. It is intuitive to use. For example, vacation requests are approved with 2 clicks from an email. The system can be accessed from all PCs, notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

In addition, the OKR method is stored and can help company-wide to focus on the decisive objectives and key results.

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Country & Industry Templates

The country templates of the HR Power Extensions ensure that the HR solution is already adapted to the respective country out-of-the-box at the customer.

A customer in the USA expects the Veterans' Employment & Training Service (Department of Labor, VETS 4212), a German customer expects GDPR and the integration of the "Bundesagentur für Arbeit" and basically every customer expects the local holidays needed for vacation calculation out-of-the-box in the system.

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Office 365 fpr HR
Productivity for your employees

Use your Office 365 in HR as well and stay in your familiar Microsoft world.

Your applicants and employees are familiar with Microsoft Teams. Share spontaneous or structured data with OneDrive or create ad-hoc evaluations via drag & drop with Excel Pivot Tables. Use your Microsoft Outlook not only for email and calendar but also for your HR management.

Why learn and use a new additional program when you can work in the familiar environment. Experience how efficient collaboration with candidates, employees, managers, freelancers and partners can be with Office 365. And it's fun!

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Modern Workplace

Every company is different, every employee and every situation requires different working environments. Finally, HR for Dynamics is a solution that supports all the requirements of modern working.

In the office, in the home office or on the way in the hotel, with the tablet, the PC, smartphone or notebook, in the browser, in Microsoft Outlook or mobile - everything is possible.

All these fantastic innovations are available out-of-the-box. You can start right after you make your purchase decision.

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Experience HR for Dynamics live

Experience innovative HR Management in the Microsoft Ecosystem live! In an online presentation, one of our HR experts from your region will show you solutions for your individual requirements. At the same time, you will get to know innovative HR Best Practices.

What's the benefit of a 60 minute live presentation?

  • You will see innovative solutions for your planned improvements in HR
  • You will get a deeper impression of the solution
  • Your questions from HR and IT will be answered immediately
  • You will be able to better assess the benefits for your company

Experience innovative HR Management now live