Why Industry Templates?

The demands in HR Management differ significantly depending on the industry. For example, the scheduling of seasonal workers in the agricultural sector has completely different requirements to that of the project assignment of consultants in the service industry.

With an Industry Template, HR for Dynamics is specifically prepared for usage in your industry. You can start out-of-the-box, using the experience of numerous customers in your industry. And what's more, you can avoid costly implementation projects.

With the Industry Templates, you benefit from the advantages of a standardized HR solution and the advantages of a field-tested solution for your specific industry.

What to Expect

The Required Features
The HR Complete Solution is a modular system with numerous features from HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. In the industry templates we've compiled and pre-configured all essential features for the challenges of your industry.

Best Practice Processes
Tried and tested Best Practice processes are already embedded in the industry templates. Your HR Management software is customized to the decision making processes of your industry. You profit from the experience of countless customers in your industry.

Many processes in your industry can be automated with HR for Dynamics, freeing you from repetitive tasks and reducing errors.

Selected Templates
Use the library of professional templates, adapted to the needs of your industry.

Vital Master Data
On request, we populate your HR for Dynamics solution with important master data such as key skills, important deadlines and certificates of your industry.

How the Industry Templates Work

When you first open HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will be greeted by a set-up wizard. You can dismiss this wizard, or use it to prepare your Dynamics HR Management for the demands of your industry.

Over 90% of our customers report that after using the wizard, they immediately used HR for Dynamics out-of-the-box.

You can re-launch the set-up wizard any time in the future to make further individual adjustments.

Your Benefits

  • You benefit from the advantages of a standardized HR solution and the advantages of a field-tested solution for your specific industry.
  • You can start out-of-the-box in just a few days.
  • You use decades of experience from customers in your industry for your HR Management solution.
  • You avoid lengthy, costly and risky implementation projects.

The Cost

The Industry Templates are included in the sale or subscription costs of HR for Dynamics.

For this reason, you don’t require an additional budget.

You can find prices for HR for Dynamics here

The technology behind the solution

As a user, you don't notice that the architecture of HR for Dynamics is technically comprised of different tiers. For IT experts, it can be helpful to understand the structure. It begins at the base, the foundation on which everything is built.

1. Power Platform (CDS; Common Data Service)
The Common Data Service is a central data storage in which all employee data is centrally stored. You never have to duplicate data entry.

2. The Features
The functions of your HR solution are comprised of the four functional components:

  • HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources
  • Office 365

Altogether there are over 1000 features available. In the industry template, the functions that are relevant to the requirements of your industry are shown. At any time, you can activate further functions, if your requirements expand.

3. Industry Templates contain:

  • Function compilation
  • Best Practice workflows
  • Automated workflows
  • Templates for your selection
  • The most important master data of your industry or field

4. Country Templates contain:

  • Language package for your country
  • Legal compliance for your country
  • Country specific functions
  • Deadlines, and certificates specific for your country

HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the sum of these components. Everything has been prepared in advance. You can use the solution immediately.