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Quick Start HR for Dynamics

We install and configure HR for Dynamics so that you can start within a few hours.

You don’t want to be kept busy with preparatory work?

  • You want to use our Solution quickly and don’t want to waste valuable time with an installation?
  • You don’t want to think about base configurations but instead, want to start right away with the manufacturer's Best Practices?
  • You want to work out the potential of the software immediately with the help of your Success Manager or the e-learning portal and not have to deal with the technology beforehand?

Quick Start of the HR solution - the comfortable solution

With the service "Quick Start of the HR solution", Hubdrive takes care of the installation and configuration of your HR solution. We do the basic configuration based on our existing customers’ most commonly used base settings for your country, industry and company size. Settings can be modified by you later at any time.

Target group

Quick Start HR for Dynamics is aimed at organizations that want to operate their HR management in the Microsoft cloud. However, they do not want to set up the HR solution themselves. The offer is suitable for all company sizes.


  • You name us up to three users for the initial configuration and the desired Dynamics 365
  • We install and configure your HR for Dynamics
    • We’ll then import and activate the solution
    • Workflow Package for automations
    • Import of further addon solutions (BfA, PSA, etc), if necessary
    • Basic Configuration
    • Basic Data Import
    • We create your own organization as employer
    • We create a business unit for user assignments
    • Configuration of 3 users
    • We will assign HR for Dynamics licenses
    • Assignment of security roles
  • We carry out extensive functional tests

HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now fully installed and configured. You can start immediately. You are then able to adjust templates, create workflows or adapt lists on your own. We will show you how this works in our eLearning Portal.


Your Microsoft Cloud incl. Sharepoint is configured





Next Step

Feel free to contact us.