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Customizing Recruiting Portal

The Challenge

You would like us to adapt the recruiting portal to your CI?

Recruiting Portal Customizing - The Service

With the Recruiting Portal customizing service, we help you adapt your portal to match your needs.


  • Customer provides Portal customizing requirements based on standard Hubdrive checklist
  • Hubdrive customizes the Job Portal to match requirements
  • Deployment and testing by R&D
  • Continuous assessment and improvement of the Job Portal
  • Back to back communication between CSM and Customer

Recruiting Portal Training - The Solution

With the Recruiting Portal technical training, we enable you to build and maintain your portal completely on your own.

Target Group

Customers, Partners


Recruiting Portal Customizing Checklist

You can download the checklist for filling out here.

For a description of how to fill out the checklist, please click here: Recruiting Portal Customizing.


4 hours (based on the requirement checklist)



Next step

Feel free to contact us.