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Ensure Project Success

The Challenge

  • You would like to assign your local partner with the implementation. Nevertheless you would like to involve the manufacturer in the project.
  • You would like to carry out the implementation internally, but have little experience with Hubdrive solutions.

Ensure project success - the reliable solution

To solve this challenge, Hubdrive offers the service "Ensure project success". The main aim is to ensure an implementation close to the standard. At important milestones in the project, Hubdrive carries out reviews. The service has proven itself many times, both in small and large implementations.

Advantages of implementation close to the standard

  • Standard functions do not need to be developed again in the project
  • Standard functions are included in the maintenance contract at no additional cost - individual developments are not included
  • Project budgets are being saved
  • Standard functions are being regularly developed by the manufacturer


Business Concept

  • Which standard functionalities can cover the requirements?
  • Which best practices are sufficient to meet requirements?
  • Which critical documents will be available and when?
  • What has to be taken into account in the context of "the Big Picture" to ensure that all subsequent steps are targeted?
  • Are estimated timescales and effort estimates for the specific deliverables based on Hubdrive's experience realistic and plausible?

Technical Concept

  • Is the standard functionality being used in the optimal way?
  • Are the potentially necessary adjustments designed in a way that they can be implemented efficiently and logically correct?
  • What best practices are required for implementation?
  • Would there be cheaper / more cost effective options?
  • Are estimated timescales and effort estimates for the specific deliverables based on Hubdrive's experience realistic and plausible?

Implementation and Rollout Strategy

  • Quality control of the implementation regarding the optimal use in the standard
  • Best practices for trainings and rollout
  • Change management for maximizing the use of the new system

User acceptance

  • Are the usage figures as expected?
  • Which areas / departments / users are not using the solution sufficiently?
  • User satisfaction survey (questionnaire & random sample, confidential interviews with endusers)
  • Stabilization of the change management
  • Which opportunities for improvement do the users see?
  • Which additional, beneficial processes can be implemented on the platform?


  • The implementation partner or the customer's project manager provides Hubdrive with the final work results per phase for review. This should be done approximately 2 weeks before the project milestone is reached.
  • From the project manager's point of view, the documents have the status "Final for customer approval". An experienced management consultant:
    - validates the work results
    - creates the classification "close to standard" per requirement
    - makes the need for optimization transparent
    - complements recommendations
  • The results are handed over to the customer and their implementation partner. After the customer's approval, the final documents are returned to Hubdrive to provide the final status for further project work.
  • The milestone has now been reached and the next phase can be released.

Note: The review only includes the functionality of the corresponding Hubdrive solution. The documents submitted for review should be written in a concise manner and the part relevant to Hubdrive should not exceed 30 pages each.


Invoicing is done pro rata (25%) for each milestone in advance.


Online or on site


Fixed price based on 185 €/$ per hour

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