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Quick Start Microsoft Cloud

We activate and configure the Microsoft Cloud for your organization. You can start within hours.

The Challenge

  • You don't want to deal with technical details of the Microsoft Cloud?
  • You want to use Office 365, e.g. Excel, Outlook, Team and OneDrive?
  • You would like to use the Dynamics Business Platform, e.g. for sales, marketing or HR management?
  • You want to start using HR for Dynamics in the cloud as soon as possible?

Microsoft Cloud Quick Start - the fast solution

We will take care of the activation and configuration of your Microsoft Cloud including the Dynamics 365 Business Platform.

Target Group

Quick Start Microsoft Cloud is aimed at companies that want to operate their HR management in the Microsoft Cloud.
However, the Microsoft Cloud is not yet set up. The offer is suitable for all company sizes.


  • You name us up to three users for the initial configuration
  • We activate Office 365 for these users
  • We activate the Dynamics Business Platform
  • We set the basic configurations (formats, currencies, fiscal year, document storage)
  • We carry out functional tests

Your Microsoft Cloud is now configured. You can start immediately.


  • We are your Cloud Service Provider (CSP)
  • You plan to use Dynamics 365 for Talent or HR for Dynamics





Next Step

Feel free to contact us.