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Update Service

The Challenge

  • You would like to continuously use the latest version of your HR solution?
  • You always have to be compliant with data protection regulations?
  • You always have to be up to date regarding tax changes?
  • Legal changes must be taken into account in your HR system as of their date of validity?
  • You don't want to deal with the technical and time related challenges of solution updates?

The Update Service - the Solution

With the Hubdrive Solution Update Service we take over the regular updates of your HR solution. For a fixed price you are always up to date regarding functions, tax conditions and data protection.


    We take care of tax, legal and data protection changes.
  • You receive a message about an upcoming solution update. You can postpone it one time.
  • We save your individual adjustments.
  • We run the update.
  • Your individual adaptations are imported and activated again.
  • We run a standardised system test. You will receive a protocol by e-mail.


  • You are always up to date on the latest functionality
  • You remain constantly GDPR compliant
  • Tax regulations, e.g. meal allowances, are always up to date
  • Legal requirements in your HR, such as mandatory breaks, are always up to date
  • You will always remain entitled to support, as you are using the latest version of the HR solution


The service is provided online and is not available for on-premise systems. Temporary access to your platform is required.


The invoicing takes place for one year in advance and can be cancelled up to 3 months before the end of the contract. Otherwise the contract is extended for another year.