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Training & eLearning

The module Training & eLearning helps you organize training measures - from the selection of internal and external coaches, to the administration of participants, right through to the printing of certificates.

Routine tasks such as the preparation of certificates are automated. Reminders ensure that you never miss an important deadline, and upcoming deadlines can be viewed at any time in the dashboard.

Choose from thousands of beginner and advanced eLearning courses in the most important departments - including sales, marketing, finance, operations, IT, software and web development, customer service, and more.


  • Production of seminar catalogue for the organization
  • Manage all internal and external coaches
  • Prepare a training plan for various sites
  • Organize participants according to available spaces and waiting lists
  • Preparation of participation certificates
  • Participants can view appointments directly in Outlook
  • Seamlessly integrated in digital employee file

Training Calendar

With the trainings calendar in HR for Dynamics, you have a company-wide overview of all planned trainings. Filter by category, for instance to view only language trainings.

The respective trainings timeframes are shaded in the calendar and can be moved quickly and easily if necessary by drag-and-drop.

  • All training events in one calendar
  • Filter of trainings categories possible
  • Quickly move trainings via drag-and-drop
  • View information to participants, agenda etc. with one click
  • Availability of participants in seconds
  • Employees view relevant trainings in their Outlook calendar
  • Completed trainings are automatically shown in the digital personnel file

LinkedIn eLearning

Deliver the right training to every employee through personalized course recommendations based on their job role, skillset and experience level.

Select from thousands of beginner-to-advanced courses across core functional areas – including sales, marketing, finance, operations, IT, software and web development, customer service and more. Select from topics covering leadership skills, time management, problem solving, peer relationships, conflict management, project management, communication and presentation skills.

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