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The potential of digitalisation in HR

More and more companies are willing to invest in the digitalisation of their HR department. The main expectations are time and money savings, more security in data and work processes and more convenience for employees.

It is only obvious to want to know in advance how much time and money could be saved through digitalisation. It is likely that the savings will be greater than the costs, and with a quick ROI, budget approval might just be a formality.

The HR-Benefit-Calculator

Would you like to be able to estimate the benefits of your HR digitalisation in advance? Here's the solution: The HR Benefit Calculator from Hubdrive.

The HR Benefit Calculator provides companies with a very specific list of how much time and money they can save by digitising their HR processes. Simply download the calculator and determine your time and cost savings with just a few clicks.

Experience from 200 digitisation projects

Over several years Hubdrive has made the time and money savings transparent for customers 12-24 months after the digitalisation of their HR processes. The work processes before and after were analysed in detail and objectified in terms of time and money. The main drivers were the automation of processes, the elimination of IT islands with the associated increase in efficiency and more powerful interfaces provided out-of-the-box in the cloud.

The HR Benefit Calculator was developed from this experience of more than 200 digitalisation projects. It is very smart. It only requires a few individual inputs from a company to get a detailed list of the benefits. With just a few entries, you can estimate in advance how much time and money you can save by digitising your HR processes. You are welcome to use these results as a basis for further decisions.

How does the HR Benefit Calculator work?

Download the calculator here and fill in a few fields. Or simply accept the stored default values.

You can instantly view the results of your potential HR digitisation project. No registration is necessary and you do not have to send us any data.

If you have any questions about the calculator or how to quickly realise the results of the calculator in reality, please feel free to contact us directly.

The HR Benefit Calculator - free but still valuable!