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Current challenges in IT

  • Your IT infrastructure is very complex
  • You have to run a large number of programs and systems
  • Your IT budget is barely sufficient for this complex IT
  • Shadow IT worries you
  • You are concerned about the lack of skilled workers
  • You can't get staff to nurture legacy systems
  • Younger colleagues, in particular, don't want to learn outdated technology
  • Applicants are put off by having to learn obsolete technology.

Reduce your IT islands

In many companies, the digitalization of the HR department is not yet far advanced. On average, HR departments have 7 independent programmes for recruiting, administration, etc.

We call this IT islands. This means high effort, complexity and risks for your IT department.

Replace these IT islands with a fully comprehensive HR solution. With HR Management from the Microsoft world, you do this on the basis of familiar technologies that you know well: Windows, Office 365, Azure and Dynamics.

Advantages for the IT department in a nutshell

  • Massive reduction in the number of IT islands you have to run
  • Significant reduction of complexity in your IT department
  • Significantly less maintenance and servicing work
  • Alleviation of the shortage of skilled workers in your IT department
  • Less staff required for specialised knowledge of different technologies
  • Less risk by using familiar Microsoft technology
  • Use of existing license agreements with Microsoft for simple purchasing processes

Initial potential

You eliminate the IT islands in the HR department. This is easier than you might think. We provide you with the Dynamics 365 platform and activate all the modules that your HR department and your employees need.

Your HR department will quickly follow suit when you are shown how much more comfort, automation and reduction in administration there will be. Your HR department will find more information here

Further potential

You use the Dynamics 365 platform in other departments. This can be done in parallel or step by step. Each added department means fewer IT islands and even more of the above-mentioned advantages for your IT department.

Can you get these improvements?

In a structured 30-minute discussion, an expert will clarify whether this potential can be realized in your case.

If yes, he will show you proven ways how you can achieve the improvements quickly and economically.