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You no longer have to memorize any passwords!

HR departments use an average of 7 HR solutions which means that people working in HR have to remember up to 7 passwords.

With HR for Dynamics you don't even have to remember a single password. Throw away your HR passwords. You won't need them anymore!

From now on you will use your Microsoft Windows password for all HR functions and HR self-services. What a relief! Of course the login is secure and encrypted.

This applies to you as an employee in the self-services, to you as an HR manager in your daily HR tasks and of course also to you as a manager.

More efficiency, comfort & security

Time & Money

Both your employees and IT save a lot of time. All employees only use one comprehensive HR solution and are automatically logged in by Windows. Time-consuming IT support when resetting passwords or logging on to several different systems is no longer necessary. Employees no longer write passwords on keyboards or on a piece of paper. Their efforts to comply with GDPR in everyday life are reduced. Budget for password apps and their rollout is no longer required.


With HR for Dynamics, no one has to remember even a single password. The tedious process of assigning and remembering passwords is no longer necessary. The login to all HR functions and all self-services is secure and encrypted with the Windows password.


All employees use a single login - their Microsoft Windows password. The fewer passwords they have to remember, the lower the risk of employees writing them down in an insecure place or using an insecure password. GDPR in everyday life is easier to comply with and possible penalties become less likely.

HR passwords belong in the trash bin

Anna throws her file with HR passwords into the trash. She doesn't need them anymore! Since her company now uses HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365, she can use her Microsoft Windows password for all HR functions and HR self-services. What a relief!

Experience HR for Dynamics live

Experience innovative HR Management in the Microsoft Ecosystem live! In an online presentation, one of our HR experts will show you solutions for your individual requirements. At the same time, you will get to know innovative HR Best Practices.

What's the benefit of a 60 minute live presentation?

  • You will see innovative solutions for your planned improvements in HR
  • You will get a deeper impression of the solution
  • Your questions from HR and IT will be answered immediately
  • You will be able to better assess the benefits for your company

Experience innovative HR Management now live

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