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Time & Attendance
in Microsoft Teams

With HR for Dynamics, employees have all the functions they need to track attendance and working hours directly in Microsoft teams – no matter where they are working: in the office, at home or in a hotel. Different attendance types are available to choose from.

Supervisors and HR always have an overview of current attendances, can evaluate all data and correct it if necessary.

  • You do not need an additional time tracking software
  • All Time & Attendance functions can be used directly in Microsoft teams
  • More routine for flexible working and working from home
  • All tasks are completed in the familiar Microsoft Team interface

More Efficiency, Comfort & Security

Time & Money

All employees can easily record and track their working hours, attendances and work performance in Microsoft teams. You do not only save the costs for a new software, but also a lot of time: you do not have to learn a new solution or switch from program to program. Looking up passwords or login data is also no longer necessary. All you need is your Windows password.


Employees experience great convenience, as they can easily complete time tracking in the familiar Microsoft Teams that they use every day in their daily work. An additional login to another program is not necessary.


Microsoft Teams is a familiar working environment where employees feel comfortable and secure. The fear of learning a new tool is eliminated. As supervisor and HR, you always have an overview of the hours worked by your employees and thus control the fulfillment of agreed working hours at all times.

Always keep track of your working hours

Matt's son is sick and therefore cannot go to kindergarten for a week. For this reason, Matt is working from home. When working from home, he sometimes finds it difficult to keep track of his working hours: In the morning, little Oliver whimpers because he wants to play with daddy, the lunch break stretches out a bit because Oliver refuses to eat his fish sticks and in between it is time for a little drum session on the cooking pots. Just because Oliver is sick doesn't mean that he doesn't want any entertainment!

Fortunately, HR for Dynamics is also compatible with dynamic working time models: Matt can record and track his working hours in a very flexible way and thus keep track of his hours even at home.

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What's the benefit of a 60 minute live presentation?

  • You will see innovative solutions for your planned improvements in HR
  • You will get a deeper impression of the solution
  • Your questions from HR and IT will be answered immediately
  • You will be able to better assess the benefits for your company

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