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The Old World of Technology Islands

How does your IT infrastructure look today? In each department of your company, you use multiple software programs which you've purchased from a variety of software manufacturers. These programs don't communicate with each other. They are what we call 'IT Islands'. This means you have hardly any access to data from your colleagues in your own department, or from other departments.

The reality of business is that working processes don't stop at these borders. In IT islands, the further processing of data may require a duplicate entry into an additional system. In addition, all of these IT Islands must be individually maintained, backed up and updated.

As an eternal stop-gap, information is updated in several systems, or even passed on in paper form. This isn't just inefficient for the company, it's also extremely frustrating for HR staff. Until now, the solution to this dilemma was a series of integration projects. Your IT department attempts to synch all these programs via the development of interfaces.

Experience has shown however, that these complex projects are expensive, risky and lengthy. Often the integration between two programs is actually more expensive than the actual software itself! Just ask your head of IT.

You've either had the choice of working inefficiently or paying for expensive integration projects.

The Brave New World after Digital Transformation

In the new world after digital transformation, your organization has replaced IT islands with a business platform. Within the platform, there are no more IT islands. Every app that you add integrates automatically in minutes into the platform.

Dynamics HR Management is a collection of such apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 business platform. Immediately after activation, you can begin to exchange data with your colleagues. The previous department boundaries disappear.

A Real Life Scenario

How does this look like in your working day? As an example, let's look at a simple vacation request. Several times a year, every employee will submit such a request. It is passed on internally for the department head to approve. HR wishes to keep an overview of such requests. Finance department needs an overview of the remaining vacation for all employees, as they need to be activated for the end of year financial statements. In this example, three departments are already involved - the specialist department, HR and Finance departments.

As you now know, there are no borders within the platform, so vacation management - and all other workflows - can run fully automated across department boundaries. No more duplicate data entries are required, and the paper stays in the printer!

Advantages for Employees and the Organization



Rise in

Added Value
for Your Organization

Staff Motivation


In the future, each piece of information will only be entered into the system once and is then available to anyone who needs to access it, or process it further. Additionally, all processes that can be automated now run automatically.

The increase in productivity also has a financial impact. As HR costs are medium-term ones, you won't immediately save money but your employees will use the time saved to take on more worthwhile tasks. This raises the profitability of your company.

The duplicate entry of information and the manual administration of tasks are particularly unpopular tasks for employees. The avoidance of such mindless activities improves the motivation of your employees on all levels. Your customers will notice the difference.

Your staff expect the same advances in technology in business as they already experience in their private life. This naturally includes the ability to access information via mobile devices, regardless of time and place.

Take Control

With all departments now working on a common business platform, reports can be generated at the push of a button. Even cross-departmental reports don’t present a challenge anymore. Various KPIs can be evaluated daily - with the calculation and compilation fully automated.

Why Doesn't this Exist Already?

Digital transformation enabled the creation of powerful business platforms.

Where's the Catch?

With the platform, there is no catch. Perhaps you have a specific situation that means you can't benefit from exactly these advantages.

How do we Ensure Success?

Our success depends on your success. That's why every customer has an individual Success Manager who guides them through the implementation process and continually supports them to reach their goals. The Success Manager ensures that you fully realize the potential of the software for your organization. Learn more

Could your Organization Benefit from these Improvements?

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