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All HR tasks in your familiar Outlook

HR managers do all their HR work in their familiar Microsoft Outlook, including recruitment, onboarding, talent management and reporting.

Right next to the inbox, they will find applicants, the digital personnel file or important evaluations and deadlines.

  • You no longer need to train an additional HR program
  • Appointments with applicants directly in the Outlook calendar
  • Leave approvals as an email or Outlook tasks
  • Flexible working in the web browser wherever it is most convenient for you
  • Work offline with Outlook and synchronize data later

Alternatively, you can of course also use your favorite web browser or smartphone. This makes HR Management very easy.

Microsoft Outlook in HR - Your Benefit

Time & Money

All employees in the company work only in their familiar Outlook. All necessary information and functions are available there. You do not need to plan time to learn a new software. Looking up multiple passwords or logins is also no longer necessary as users can work completely in Outlook. The previous HR tools are no longer required, which saves time and money.


All tasks are completed in a single uniform interface - if you wish in Outlook, in the browser or mobile with all common end devices.


Outlook is a familiar working environment where employees feel comfortable and secure. The fear of learning a new tool is eliminated.

The advantages of Outlook in everyday HR

HR Manager Louisa receives an email from Marketing Manager Simon, in which he informs her that one of his team members wants to increase his working hours. He asks her to prepare new employment terms for the full-time position.

Without leaving Outlook , she opens up the employee's digital personnel file, makes the necessary changes and creates a Word document out of a template.

HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 fills in all employee data and the agreed working conditions.

Experience HR for Dynamics live

Experience innovative HR Management in the Microsoft Ecosystem live! In an online presentation, one of our HR experts will show you solutions for your individual requirements. At the same time, you will get to know innovative HR Best Practices.

What's the benefit of a 60 minute live presentation?

  • You will see innovative solutions for your planned improvements in HR
  • You will get a deeper impression of the solution
  • Your questions from HR and IT will be answered immediately
  • You will be able to better assess the benefits for your company

Experience innovative HR Management now live

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