Time & Attendance

Dynamics HR Management offers you extensive possibilities for your operational time management. These include, in particular, attendance tracking, work time tracking and absence management.

There are various ways to track the attendance of your employees. Use a physical time clock, which automatically transfers all times to your system, or a virtual time clock built into Dynamics 365 that your employees can use not only in the workplace in Dynamics 365 or Outlook, but also on their smartphone or tablet. Mandatory breaks can be deducted according to rules, that you can define to match your needs.

You also have many options for tracking the working time of your employees. This data is recorded depending on defined processes or projects and can be directly related to the attendance in order to generate, for example, the necessary data for payroll accounting.

The absence management includes sickness- and leave management, leave entitlements and business closures. This way, you always have an overview of pending or past absences.

1. Preparation

Base configuration and additional features

2. Overview - what is what?

What are attendances, daily summaries, time sheets and time summaries?

3. Track attendance

Attendance tracking anytime, anywhere

4. Record working times

Assignment of attendances to processes and projects

5. Absence Management

Keep an eye on the absences of the entire company

6. My Time Management - where can I find what I need?

Keep track of your attendances, working hours, overtime and absences

7. Work Patterns

Plan and organize irregular working hours

8. Time Accounts

Maintain flexible working hours on a daily, weekly or monthly basis