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The following Technical Support services, updates und upgrades of the xRM1 Business Solutions are included in the maintenance contract. The maintenance contract is concluded automatically upon purchase or is included in the subscription fee. Details can be found in the Terms & Conditions.

Technical Support Services

Questions from administrators and IT experts regarding the configuration as well as settings of Dynamics HR Management are included in the Technical Support. In case of malfunctions, expert support will be provided.

Updates und Upgrades

On a regular basis, about every 3 months, Dynamics HR Management publishes an update with new functions and stabilizations. In case of comprehensive upgrades of the Microsoft Dynamics platform, Dynamics HR Management also publishes the respective upgrade shortly after.

Through your maintenance contract, you are entitled to all major releases, upgrades, updates and hotfixes of the licensed components.

Supplement End-User Support

End-User Support is not included in the maintenance contract. Within a flatrate, all questions from end-users will be answered right away by an Dynamics HR Management expert. You have the option to either call your designated contact person directly, or you can submit your request through our homepage.

End-User Support is a perfect complement to the services included in the maintenance contract and will leave no question unanswered. More...