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Talent Management

Talent Management provides all the features you need for talent management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

From performance reviews to target agreements, right through to organization of trainings - you'll find comprehensive measures for staff development.

  • Performance reviews
  • Skills and responsibilities
  • Target assessments
  • 360° feedback
  • Performance Potential Analysis (9 Box Grid)
  • Training calendar and training management
  • Advanced training and certification
  • Medical records and certification

Talent Management Goals

Individual goals are quickly and simply set during Performance Review for later follow-up. Goals could be actions or skills, trainings and certificates, which should be reached by a specific date. Dynamics Talent Management offers a selection of set goals via a drop-down-menu.

Due to the automatic transfer of goals into the digital personnel file, it is possible to check progress at any time. With this, reaching and following up on goals is child's play.

  • Set structured, long-term goals in Performance Reviews
  • Select required skills and skill levels per drop-down-menu
  • Select required trainings and certificates
  • Optional deadline for reaching set goals
  • Set optional bonus agreement
  • Check and record status and progress at any time
  • Goals are automatically transfered into the digital personnel file

Employee Skills

With the assistance of Dynamics Talent Management, you keep a close eye on the skills of your employees and can immediately address possible deficits. Set requisite skills and skill level for each employee. All required and actual skills are shown in a chart, directly in the digital personnel file.

Assign training for respective employees if and when action is needed.

  • See all employee skills at a glance
  • Comparison of required and actual skills per employee
  • Evaluation via charts display immediate overview of potential deficits
  • Register employees directly for trainings in order to improve skills

Foster a culture of excellence

Provide continuous feedback and reward high performers by turning performance into a daily, two-way conversation between employees and managers.

  • View real-time performance dashboards and track accomplishments
  • Get full transparency around employee performance to take immediate corrective action
  • Offer visibility through performance journals, real-time feedback, and collaborative goal management

Training and Development

Dynamics Talent Management helps you organize training and development measures - from the selection of internal and external coaches, to the administration of participants, right through to the printing of certificates.

Routine tasks such as the preparation of certificates are automated. Reminders ensure that you never miss an important deadline, and upcoming deadlines can be viewed at any time in the dashboard.

  • Production of seminar catalogue for the organization
  • Manage all internal and external coaches
  • Prepare a training plan for various sites
  • Organize participants according to available spaces and waiting lists
  • Preparation of participation certificates
  • Participants can view appointments directly in Outlook
  • Seamlessly integrated in digital employee file

Training Calendar

With the trainings calendar in Dynamics Talent Management, you have a company-wide overview of all planned trainings. Filter by category, for instance to view only language trainings.

The respective trainings timeframes are shaded in the calendar and can be moved quickly and easily if necessary by drag-and-drop.

  • All training events in one calendar
  • Filter of trainings categories possible
  • Quickly move trainings via drag-and-drop
  • View information to participants, agenda etc. with one click
  • Availablility of participants in seconds
  • Employees view relevant trainings in their Outlook calendar
  • Completed trainings are automatically shown in digital personnel file

Performance Reviews

Dynamics Talent Management supports you with the organization and implementation of performance reviews. Goals agreed upon are automatically added to the digital employee file.

Commitments are shown in employee Self-Service portal and in Outlook, as a long-term reminder of goals.

  • Performance reviews simplified by usage of templates
  • Employee can view scorecard in Self-Service portal
  • Transparent, accountable performance appraisal
  • Digital signature for agreements
  • Automatic transfer of goals in the digital employee file
  • Automatic transfer of training requirement to the training module
  • Participants can view follow-up to performance review in their Outlook

Gamification of HR

Have you heard of Gamification? Motivate your employees with fun competitions to use the relevant solutions of Dynamics 365 platform. Collect points and compare in High Score ranking lists. See at a glance who is winning by comparing the achieved trophies.

A win-win situation. You get feedback over the usage of the system, and your employees receive positive feedback.

  • Points
  • High Scores
  • Progress bar
  • Ranking
  • Virtual commodities
  • Awards