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Feature Extensions

The Challenge

  • You noticed a missing function in Dynamics HR Management that would be very beneficial for you?
  • The advantages of standard software are important to you and you would like to avoid investing in individual extensions?
  • You want to avoid any future maintenance costs resulting from individual development?

Dynamics HR Management Feature Extensions – The Solution

We want to give our customers the opportunity to invest in feature extensions - developed directly by the manufacturer. These extensions are then given high priority and will be implemented in rollup updates. The feature extension is incorporated into the standard of the HR Management solution and is continually maintained and developed by the manufacturer.

HR for Dynamics feature extensions are developed in a manufacturer quality and are compatible with all Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment types: On-Premise, Microsoft Online and partner hosted. Feature extensions are delivered in all languages available in HR for Dynamics.

5-Step Process

  • You’ll describe which feature extension you’re interested in and calculate the benefit of the feature.
  • Dynamics HR Management will review your request, decide if/how it is possible and if it fits in the Dynamics HR Management product strategy.
  • The requirements are then detailed within the scope of a detailed specification.
  • You place the order for the implementation.
  • After that, the implementation takes place in one of the upcoming rollups.
  • Prior to the final release date, you will be deeply involved in the Release Candidate phase of the rollup. Therefore, you’ll have access to your requested functionality even before the final release.
  • The final release of the new feature will then be provided within a regular rollup update.

How can a Dynamics HR Management feature extension benefit you?

  • You can use a function that was previously not available.
  • You remain completely within the standard.
  • The new function will be included in your maintenance contract without any additional costs.
  • As the feature extension is not a custom one-off solution, you remain independent from implementation partners.


Online or on-site


Fixed price after cost estimate

Next Step

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