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Import & Configuration FAQ´s

Can I get your solution as an unmanaged solution?

No, we provide our solution only as a managed solution.

As a Microsoft Certified ISV we provide our solution always as a managed solution to be compatible with all Microsoft updates and maintenance procedures. This is not possible with an unmanaged solution.

System Requirements?

The system requirements for HR for Dynamics are the same as all Microsoft Power Apps. You can find more information on this here.

Browser Windows don't open?

Make sure to disable the pop-up blocker in your Browser.

How do I upload the license?

You can find a tutorial on how to add a license to your system here.

Nothing happens after the license was uploaded?

License is faulty. Please contact support and provide them with your Environment's Unique Name. You can find a tutorial on where to find the Unique Name of your Environment here.

Can I use HR for Dynamics in a hosted environment, too?

To always support the latest technology, the Hubdrive solutions are completely Microsoft Cloud based. Therefore, partner-hosted or on-premise environments are not supported.

How long does the installation take? And how complicated is the installation process?

The installation process is not complicated at all. Simply follow the tutorial steps in our Learning Center to install the solution.

Following those steps takes 3-5 Minutes. After that, the installation itself takes a few hours, depending on the performance of your system. You can just let the installation run in the background and work on other stuff in the meantime.

How can I select the language packs I want to use?

You need to select the languages you want to use in your Environment before installing the HR solution. You can find a guide on how to do this here.

HR for Dynamics supports English, German, and French throughout the whole HR solution. Also, for Employee Self-Services functionalities, Spanish is supported.

The license key requires the Unique Name of my Environment. Where do I find this information?

You can find a tutorial on where to find the Unique Name of your Environment here.

Where do I get Support?

For all enduser questions ("how does this work") we provide an extensive knowledge base in the Learning Center. Please check there for hundreds of tutorials on best practice usage of HR for Dynamics. Most likely you will find the answer to your enduser question there.
Alternatively, you can also ask your trusted solution partner, if you booked the respective services.

If something does not work as described, please hand in a Support ticket via our Customer Portal. You can find more information on the Customer Portal here.

Upgrade FAQ´s

Do I need to do anything to protect our own specific customizations before importing the solution?

Usually, our installation and update procedures ensure you customizations are safe. But because of the default behavior of the Power Platform, it is possible that some customizations may be overwritten during the install of our solution.

To ensure that this will not happen, please back up customizations by performing the following steps:

  1. Create an unmanaged solution.
  2. Add all entity customizations to this unmanaged solution.
  3. Publish all customizations.
  4. Export the solution and save as a backup.

For more details on creating a customizing solution, visit our Learning Center.

Do I need to uninstall the installed Solution first?

No. Under no circumstances should the solution be uninstalled, as all data will be lost. Every rollup update can easily be installed on top of an existing version.

Where can I find the documentation for the upgrade?

The tutorial how to upgrade HR for Dynamics, you will find here: Update Guide

Documentation of recent changes to the solution can be looked up in the current Release Notes.

Working with HR for Dynamics FAQ´s

Which Browsers can I use to work with HR for Dynamics?

Since HR for Dynamics is based on the Power Platform, all Browsers compatible there can be used for HR for Dynamics. You can find more information on this here.

Where can I learn how to work with HR for Dynamics?

Please visit our Learning Center. There, you find hundreds of free tutorials to help you work with every module of HR for Dynamics.

I've imported the solution but I can't use any of the functions. I always get a message saying I have insufficient rights.

Please ensure that the user you're using has a valid license assigned which covers the functionality you intend to use and you've assigned the necessary security roles.

When I open a data entry, nearly all fields appear "read-only" or disabled.

There may be two reasons for this behavior. Firstly, please ensure that the user you are using has a valid license assigned which covers the functionality you intend to use and you have assigned the necessary security roles. Depending on the assigned security roles, there are different forms available.

The second reason for this could be the so-called role-based forms. Depending on the security roles of your user, you may have several different forms. The form with the 'read-only' fields is the form for Employee users (if they have access at all). You can change the form by using the dropdown menu directly below the form's title.

Error: This feature is not included in your license model?

When I try to access a specific area I get the error: This feature is not included in your license model?

The message indicates that some of your chosen functions are not included in your user license.
Please check which license is assigned to your user (Settings – License Assignments).

Customizing FAQ´s

Is it possible to add some fields in HR for Dynamics and change the arrangement of the existing form fields?

Yes, HR for Dynamics is highly customizable, and adding fields or changing arrangements on existing form fields is very easy.

For more details on customizing, visit our Learning Center.

Changing rights for security roles?

There are some security roles which come with HR for Dynamics. Can I change the rights for these security roles (e.g. for granting more/less rights to the Supervisor role)?

Yes, you can change the rights for the security roles delivered with the solution. Please be careful to not grant too broad access to users, as to not cause issues in regards to data protection.
We recommend getting back to your IT administrator or implementation partner to make sure that all changes are done in the right way and don't have dependencies which impact other functionalities.