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You are facing the difficult challenge of finding the ideal HR solution for your company. The evaluation process should proceed quickly. However, you are not familiar with the solutions selected for the evaluation. Experience has shown that the following problems can occur:

  • For some of your requirements, you cannot find a suitable function in the solution. Is it the wrong solution for you or have you just overseen the right functions?
  • You have found potential solutions for your core requirements. But who can guarantee that there is no better approach or best practice for implementation?
  • There are some questions that couldn't be answered internally. Are you possibly making the wrong decision?
  • Could there be innovations in HR that would make your life even easier - and could even save you time and money?


The "Managed Trial" has proven it's value in solving this challenge. During the evaluation process, an experienced Hubdrive consultant is available to you as a reliable contact person. You and your colleagues have the chance to intensively evaluate HR for Dynamics under his professional guidance. Any questions that arise will be answered quickly, competently and in an uncomplicated manner.

He will give you advice and best practices from his many years of experience, showing you how you can increase the comfort for HR and your employees and perhaps even save time and money.

A virtual HR department with realistic demo data is available for evaluation.


  • Security in the decision, as the experience of the manufacturer is brought into the evaluation
  • Punctual completion of the evaluation, as open questions are answered quickly
  • Reach your target at a lower cost, since "Trial & Error" times are eliminated
  • Quicker implementation, as best practices have already been collected




8 hours of consultation, recommended for larger companies

Fixed price: €/$ 1,800

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