Release Notes Rollup Update 33

May 31, 2021 

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Technical Release Notes

Rollup Update 33 focused on deepening the integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps. The main goal was to enhance existing functionalities and user experience.

New Features

Integration to Teams Shifts

Major Benefit

HR for Dynamics is now integrated to Teams Shift which reduces time and effort to manage and maintain the availability of team members and shift planning. Teams Shifts offers a convenient visual planning board to schedule employees who work in different areas at changing timetables. With the integration to HR for Dynamics all available employees and their absences which are maintained in HR for Dynamics are automatically visible in all Teams in Teams Shift, too. Once the workforce planning is done in Teams Shift, the shift assignment for each employee and day is transferred back to HR for Dynamics.

Introduction to the functionality

The integration to Teams Shift is working bi-directionally (it is done with Microsoft Flows and Microsoft Graph)

  • Employee Entity in HR for Dynamics equals Team Member in Teams Shift
  • Approved leave requests for planned absences and adhoc absences are transferred from HR for Dynamics to all teams in Teams Shifts as "Time Off" ("Time Off Reasons" have to be mapped manually by the customer before use)
  • Shift assignment created in Teams Shifts and total planned working hours of all shifts are visible on the Daily Summary in HR for Dynamics
  • "Unpaid Breaks" in Teams Shifts will not be transferred to HR for Dynamics

You can find further information to the Teams Shifts app on the Microsoft website, e.g. on Managing the Shifts app for your organization in Microsoft Teams or on how to Get Started with Shifts.

Improvements on Integration to Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA)

Since Rollup Update 26, HR for Dynamics provides an out-of-the-box integration to Dynamics 365 PSA. Within the current Rollup Update the existing integration is further improved to flawlessly synchronize all important information between PSA and HR for Dynamics.

Introduction to the functionality

Introduction video available here

Further Improvements in Rollup Update 33

Improved performance by moving the mapping of calendar entries in Microsoft Power Automate to overcome the two minute timeout

You can find further information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 PSA on the Microsoft website, e.g. an overview on the software.

Further Improvements

Hubdrive continuously enhances existing functionalities, the user interface and user experience of the solution. For Rollup Update 33 the following improvements were implemented:

Leave & Absence Management

Leave Entitlement

  • Changed the default value of the field "Transfer Until" to three months after the start date of the next fiscal year (before it was 3 months after the end date of the leave entitlement)
  • Changed the default value of the field "End Date of Leave Entitlement" to the end of the fiscal year for "Overtime" leave entitlements which are automatically generated from the Daily Summary to support offset calculation (before it was set to the end Date of the Daily Summary)
  • Allow deletion of leave entitlement even when connected to a leave allocation
  • Changed the dialog "Add Leave Entitlement" to retrieve only active absence types
  • Created a new absence type "Excess Hours Compensation" to support common use cases from Switzerland

Leave Request

  • Changed trigger to recalculate leave requests also when leave allocation is disconnected from leave entitlement
  • Added workflow to allow on demand recalculation of a leave request
  • Changed the dialog "Modify Leave Request" to support automatic calculation of hourly leave requests

Absence Calendar

  • Reduced the number of requests in general
  • Reduced the number of concurrent requests
  • Disabled calendar type visibility by default on the calendar form

Offset Calculation

  • Added workflow on leave entitlements to trigger offset calculation on demand

User Interface & User Experience

UI Improvements

  • Reworked grouping of settings types in the settings area of all HR HUB Apps
  • Renamed "Contacts" into "List of Employees" in the sitemap of all HR Hub Apps
  • Reworked colors in license usage dashboard
  • Changed 2-Optionset fields from flip switches to toggle buttons because of deprecation of flip switches by Microsoft
  • Implemented tooltips for entities Work Pattern and Time Account
  • Renamed the field "Applicant Rank" to "Applicant Rating"

Reworked Forms

  • All Employee Forms
  • Absence Type Settings
  • Employer Profile
  • Employment Terms
  • Employment Terms Template
  • HR Manager Form
  • Recruiting Channel
  • Time Account Configuration
  • Time Account Configuration Template
  • xRM1 Integration Settings
  • Time & Attendance of Employee
  • Attendance Detail
  • Changed Name of the Form "Zeitmanagement Akte" to "Zeitwirtschaft"
  • Enabled audit for all custom fields


Commission Level

  • Lock the field "Commission Calculation" when field is filled and record is saved the first time
  • Unlock and prefill the Field "Commission Calculation" when level definition is target based
  • Hide "Commission Amount" when field "Commission calculation" equals "Achievement x Commission %"
  • Lock the fields "% of Target from" and "% of target to" when record is saved the first time and hide when "Level Definition" equals "Value Based"


  • Added a workflow to prevent that admins can delete active employee records accidentally
  • Removed additional space on "Employee Fullname"

Employment Terms Template

  • Lock the field "Beginning of a Year" when it has value


  • Adjusted Apps for Security Role of Employee


  • Reworked the query to retrieve daily summaries without attendance to improve the Flow "Daily Summary update for empty attendance"

Deprecation of Integration to Attract and Onboard

  • Integration to the Dynamics 365 Talent apps Attract and Onboard are deprecated as Microsoft decided to retire these apps on 01 February 2022

Base Data imported via Solution Package Deployer

  • Removed data from automatic import for the entities Employment Term Templates, Skills and Skill Grades

Addition to Rollup Update 32: Prevention of Overbooking of Leave Entitlements

In Rollup Update 32, a new field in the Absence Type Settings, "Prevent Overbooking" was created. If a new Leave Request gets created, the system checks (with a new workflow and custom action) if the available Leave Entitlements of an absence type and its escalations would be exceeded with this Leave Request.

If for the last Absence type of the escalation chain the new setting "Prevent Overbooking" is set to "Yes", the Custom Action returns an Error Message that is shown to the user. The Leave Request does not get saved in that situation. In this case, the Leave Request can be shortened so that there are sufficient leave entitlements available, or HR should be contacted.

Solved Tickets

Solved Customer Tickes

  • Issues with Dialog "Add Leave Entitlement" (e.g. "Valid Until" field was missing) (CAS-18421-H9D7V, CAS-18432-N1D9D)
  • D365HR Integration: Employee's gender changed after some time to the wrong gender (CAS-18401-R5L3P)
  • Plugin prevented the creation of an employee from application as the xrm1_skill_level threw a duplicate error (CAS-18052-F8Q3F, CAS-18213-H8B4J, CAS-18354-D7K8H)
  • Security Role "Time and Attendance Standard" was missing privileges on Business Process Flow for Time Sheets (CAS-17234-F5W3M)
  • Number of Import-Templates created by Hubdrive Solution was too high (CAS-17916-P0F7M)
  • Wrong "Position" Entity in Sitemap of HR Hub Recruiting (Standard CRM Entity was used) (CAS-18342-J2J0M)


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