Release Notes Rollup Update 26

November 10, 2018 

Dynamics HR Management Integration to Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA) from HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 on YouTube.


HR Management


  • The out-of-the-box integration for Dynamics PSA via CDS 2.0 will flawlessly synchronize all important information between PSA and Dynamics HR Management
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is fully integrated using CDS 2.0
  • Dynamics HR Management is fully compatible with the Unified Client Interface of Microsoft Dynamics 365


  • Expenses for business travels, domestic and abroad, can be calculated automatically for all employees with primary work location austria

Time & Attendance

  • You can define separate mandatory break rules based on the work location to comply with the various requirements of these work locations
  • Cross day attendance is automatically calculated and assigned to the right day, as soon as there is a shift assigned to this time of attendance
  • When you change an employee's primary work location, all future daily summaries that were created in advance, will be updated. This ensures that maybe different holidays are taken in consideration when calculating attended hours
  • An employee's time sheet will get automatically prefilled with all processes the employee is assigned to. The employee can then directly start to set the times he invested in each process
  • You can track the IP adress for all attendance details created by the virtual time clock. By using this option, you can see, if the user was within the company network while entering the attendance detail



Solved Issues

  • Manager (systemuser) is not updated on dpf, if manager got changed (CAS-14431-Y7N2L)
  • Leave allocation not created for some Leave Requests- Timeout Dialog "Recalculate Leave Entities" (CAS-14273-H2P7J)
  • Leave Request leads to status code error when going back to phase 1 (CAS-14207-H7J6T)
  • BfA Integration (CAS-14039-G9G3K)
  • Relcalculate leave entities not working for some employees (CAS-13983-K2D6F)
  • All Attendance Details get booked with "Korrektur erforderlich" (CAS-13613-N2P4X)