Release Notes Rollup Update 27

March 25, 2019 

HR Management


  • Integration with Dynamics 365 for Talent via Common Data Service for Apps enables seamless data exchange between Dynamics 365 for Talent and Dynamics HR Management
  • HR App Administrator is a new license type. Each customer receives one of these licenses for free. This license can be assigned to any user and has full administration rights. Access to data can be controlled via security roles. This license type is primarily intended to assign processes to the assigned user so that they can be executed without an additional HR Manager license

Leave Management

  • If leave requests are requested for more than one fiscal year, they are automatically split and assigned to the corresponding fiscal year. Of course, the vacation entitlements assigned to the fiscal year are also taken into account
  • You have numerous options for handling remaining leave entitlements, such as automatic carry forward to the new fiscal year or automatic derecognition
  • It is ensured that a leave entitlement is not valid for several fiscal years at the same time


  • You can publish job offers in several languages. Interested parties will then be shown the language of the job offer set in the recruiting portal

Talent Management

  • You can transfer the skills of the employees to the appraisal interview on the basis of various criteria
  • Enhanced automation of training management and post processing makes these tasks easier for HR managers and reduces error rates
  • If an employee interview is planned, a task is created for the responsible supervisor

Time and Attendance

  • You can define times for night work. In the daily attendances, you can see how much time was worked as night work
  • The visibility and the order of the buttons of the Virtual Time Clock can be customized by adding XML-tags to the global optionset

Solved Issues

  • Rating of Exit Reason and Social Behavior are reversed (CAS-14851-R1S0N)
  • Fiscal year does not end on 31.12 (CAS-14508-B4J5T)
  • Dialog to Rollout Leave Entitlements for upcoming year is not functioning (CAS-14319-L4L9M)
  • Plug-in Time Outs within 2 minutes time limit on Dialog of Recalculation of Payment Summary (CAS-14828-Q4P5Y)
  • Half Day Holidays are calculated as full days, when creating a Leave Request (CAS-14865-K8M3T)
  • Recruiting Portal - Vacancy is only shown when change the sort of the table (CAS-14753-T2C6Y)
  • Multiple Leave Entitlements (CAS-14591-W0T9M)
  • Multiple Leave Summaries created after moving (CAS-14665-B4J2M)
  • Half Day Calendar Entry not calculated right in Leave Request (CAS-14513-N4X9G)
  • Modify Leave Request dialog doesn't convert full day leave to half day leave (CAS-14902-Q0S0X)
  • Wrong translation for split Leave Request Dialog (CAS-14759-X8X7M)
  • Recruiting Portal creates Applicant before finishing whole Application Process (CAS-14832-S3R5Y)
  • Supervisor should not see Skill levels of Employees from different Departments (CAS-14429-L1Q9H)
  • Skill Level Evaluation are not transferred from Application to Employee (CAS-14284-N0D1D)
  • Unified Interface Dashboard with misleading Diagram-Description (CAS-14868-H1X0G)
  • Leave Entitlements transferred multiple times (CAS-14664-Q0D5X)
  • All Project Security Roles have organization wide read and write privileges on Attendance (CAS-14857-Z2W5C)