Release Notes Rollup Update 28

August 01, 2019 

HR Management


  • Employment Contracts are renamed to Employment Terms
  • We provide a free addon solution to add a collection of Microsoft Flows to the solution. All you have to do is to import the solution and establish a connection between Microsoft Flow and your Dynamics 365 (E-Learning)
  • The usability of some features like leave request and receipt management is improved on the Dynamics 365 mobile app to enhance the user experience
  • Deleting base data, like employment terms templates or skills, which are used in other dependent records, is now restricted. This ensures, that all functionalities of the record, that uses the base data is working correctly
  • GDPR: You can use an addon solution to disable the Advanced Find functionality of Dynamics 365 for employees without extended rights (More details)


  • You can send a customizable email on demand to an applicant by using a workflow. This workflow can be configured to send the email as an automatic response to everyone applying by email (E-Learning)
  • If an application is rejected, the system automatically checks whether there are any other applications from the same applicant. If there are others, an info mail is sent to the HR Manager. If there are no other applications, an e-mail is automatically sent to the applicant to inform him or her of the rejection (E-Learning)

Absence Management

  • When you add a new absence type, the process for this new type is by default handled like vacation. You can change the behaviour by configuring the absence type settings


  • When an employment term is set to valid, all daily summaries and leave requests are recalculated according to the start date of the employment terms
  • Extensive position planning is available. You can see which employee was assigned to a position, which employee is assigned to it right now, and which employee will be assigned to it in the future. You can also keep track of potential successors (E-Learning)
  • When the supervisor of an employee changes, the employee is added as 360° reviewer to the new supervisor and, if applicable, removed as a 360° reviewer from the old supervisor
  • The HR HUB Manager Self-Service App concentrates on all kind of a supervisor's daily tasks, like managing his team's absences, reviewing applicants for open positions in his team or reviewing his team members' performances

Download this PDF for detailed release notes: Release Notes Rollup 28

Solved Issues

  • Deactivated employees are still shown in the hierarchical view (CAS-15306-W3W9P)
  • Error on creation of attendance due to multiple default calculation configurations (CAS-15003-K3H9K)
  • HR App Administrator does not allow creation of calenders (CAS-15225-S1Z2R)
  • HR App Administrator can't access HR HUB App by default (CAS-15250-P5L0S)
  • HR App Administrator is missing privilege to create leave request on behalf of others (CAS-15251-T9G5J)
  • HR App Administrator licensing issues (CAS-15232-Y9X6Y, CAS-15244-F7R2P)
  • Solution import failed (CAS-15218-R9X7S)
  • Even after recalculation, leave hours are not shown in daily summary for some users (CAS-15124-G0C6P)
  • Applicant contract creation and lookup not user friendly (CAS-14303-L0Y4H)
  • Contract template is deleted even though it is used in a valid contract (CAS-14974-F9X4C)
  • If two accepted leaves are existing for the same day, still the daily summary shows only half day in absence hours (CAS-15382-F0T6P)
  • After a vacancy record is deactivated, it is still published to the recruiting portal, if not stopped manually (CAS-15260-N2X6K)