Release Notes Rollup Update 29

December 18, 2019 

HR Management


  • The License Usage Dashboard gives more transparency on the available HR Licenses


  • Vacancies can be automatically published on Stepstone
  • Values for Xing validation can be specified in the Job Profile
  • The entities Position and Position assignment are integrated to Talent

Absence Management

  • An Entity Relationship between Daily Summary and Attendance gives more flexibility for customizations
  • Automated rounding of Leave Entitlements is available. You can configure the options in the Leave Management Settings of the Area
  • The calculation for partial Leave Entitlements can be configured individually. You have the option to choose between a daily or monthly based calculation in the Leave Management Settings of the Area. Furthermore you can give the full Leave Entitlement for partial years
  • Today´s Attandences and Absences are displayed in the Daily Summary with the Attendance Status of the Employee. A view gives full transparency in realtime to Supervisors and HR Managers


  • HR Request allow Employees and Supervisors to create tasks for the HR Department. HR Managers receive the requests in a dashboard and can easily assign them

Solved Issues

  • Business closure is not correctly rolled out on department change (CAS-13841-S3Z4T)
  • Exceed of maximum working hours per day throw an error (CAS-15091-B1V9T)
  • Links in Dialogs lead to the legacy interface (CAS-15096-G8C5W)
  • Appointments are not timezone aware (CAS-15337-F9T4M)
  • Specific records are not unshared on supervisor change in SMB solution (CAS-15703-K8R0H)
  • HR Manager was set on Job History instead of Owner (CAS-15496-L1P2G)
  • Mapping of fields from Employee to Contact are not correct (CAS-15755-Q9P7D)
  • Employee can approve his own sick leave (CAS-15263-Y9Z3S)

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