Release Notes Rollup Update 25

July 02, 2018 

Dynamics HR Management Rollup 25 from Dynamics Industries on YouTube.


HR Management


  • The recruiting portals installer automatically detects your base language and installs the correct version
  • Addon: This addon changes the security concept for small- and medium businesses with only one business unit. It will give access to the employee’s manager on all related employee records when the manager changes or a new record is created for the employee
  • Dynamics HR Management is fully compatible with version 9.0 of Dynamics 365
  • You can track all HR entities within the Outlook App out-of-the-box without any additional configuration
  • When a manager changes, all his security permissions, like access rights, are removed and added to the new manager
  • All worked shifts get automatically synchronized to Dynamics HR Management and can then be used for reporting of time and attendance


  • The Bradford Factor is automatically calculated for every employee and shown in the digital employee file
  • In the employee directory you can see the employees' manager
  • If the employee picture is changed in the digital personal file, it will get updated automatically in the employee directory, too
  • You can define fields in the digital personnel file to be tracked. So every time an employee changes important fields in the self service, like the bank account or the address, you can see the recent changes and process them accordingly
  • It is possible to set an End Date to an already valid wage, if for example an indefinite valid wage
  • is to be replaced with a new one
  • You can replace existing contacts by using a dialog. The dialog will create a new contract starting on the date you define. When this date is reached, the validity of the old and new contracts are automatically set to the applicable state

  • There is an easy way to prepare and export all needed information for the payroll provider
  • If an employee can't work after a work accident, you can now automatically create sick leave for this employee


  • Applicant data is automatically deleted after a specified time to comply with the GDPR
  • We offer the hosting of Dynamics Portals on Azure for OnPremise customers
  • After setting up the recruiting portal, you can easily switch between multiple languages within the portal


  • After hiring new employees, they can enter all necessary information for the digital personnel file using a form in the Portal. An email with a link to this form is sent automatically
  • Employees can apply for an internally published vacation with only one click. Applications of employees use a simplified and shortened application process

Talent Management

  • Reviews can be distributed based on generic templates or on templates from job profiles to all active employees, employees in specific areas or employees with specific job profiles
  • The recommended trainings in a review are filtered to show only training events, which will help the employee achieve the required level of his required skills
  • Employees can enter a self-rating of their skills for review
  • Only skills of an employee, that have a gap between required and actual skill grade are automatically taken over to the employee review
  • As soon as an employee has successfully participated in a training, all skills that are related to the training are updated to the employee record
  • When a record is added to the job history of an employee, the skills of this employee get extended or, if they already exist, are updated
  • The work certificate generator is the easiest way to create a work certificate thanks to the built in templates
  • When a training event is created or updated, all details are synchronized for all registered participants in Outlook, too

Time & Attendance

  • The Daily Summary shows how many leave/absence hours the employee used for this day
  • Within the Absence Overview is a detailed overview of all worked and taken overtime hours
  • Time clock integration uses a centralized Azure system
  • You can select if the duration of an absence type is calculated automatically or entered manually, which is best used for hourly based absences
  • If you make some changes or setup a new system, you might want to start a recalculation of the leave summaries. This feature enables you to do so
  • If you add a new leave entitlement for an employee, existing leave requests will get updated automatically. This is especially useful, if you add special leave entitlements which might have a differend end date and schould be used first



Solved Issues

  • Substitute Leave Request: Check second Leave is entered is too late (Substitute acceptance Step) (CAS-13590-L8H9C)
  • Attendance Details - Change the view to see the information properly (CAS-13568-Q3F3M)
  • Attendance does not get recalculated when Attendance Detail is deactivated (CAS-13443-P7P7M)
  • Entering Applications via CRM and Portal - selection of Currency is not available (CAS-13433-B1H4X)
  • Global Planning - Access denied error message shows up when trying to open a collapsed row (CAS-13363-F4G8K)
  • Unsharing of Employee Records after supervisor change (CAS-13286-J1W2S)
  • Work accident should not always create the leave request by default (CAS-13262-K3N6N)
  • Skill levels assignment to Job Profile (CAS-13261-R2J7W)
  • Workflow on the end of the date did not trigger (CAS-13210-Q0P3X)
  • Attendance detail can be created for an deactivated Attendance (CAS-13198-M4M0H)
  • System Chart shows wrong values (CAS-13158-C0R9L)
  • Applicant is being created but not connected to application after entering details in job portal (CAS-13144-C5T1V)
  • Copy Wages does not work (CAS-13059-L8P1G)
  • Datafox Terminal creates multiple Attendance Details (CAS-13042-P0H9H)
  • Calculation of Daily Summaries have to be triggered also on correction bookings of Attendance (CAS-13034-S8L5S)
  • Attendance Details for Staff employees do not get assigned to Supervisor (CAS-13024-L0F3C)