Release Notes Rollup Update 24

January 31, 2018 

HR Management


  • StaffHub can be integrated by using a simple Flow provided by Dynamics Industries


  • When changing an employee's job profile, the system will automatically update the required skills for this employee
  • Differentiate between multiple positions for the same job profile and identify an appropriate and valid successor based on the performance value, potential value and exit risk
  • You can classify, if a leave is planned or unplanned. This offers you more flexibility for the calcualtion of Daily Summaries regarding worked hours and attended hours
  • Goldbright: The absence calendar contains a summary grid, which shows the total amount of days an employee is on leave for the shown time span. You can export an overview showing all absence days of all employees separated by the absence type


  • Automatic reimbursement is available for Germany, US, Belgium and Singapore. Multicurrency support is possible

Time & Work Entry

  • You can define very specific rules to comprehend with your local laws or company rules to automatically calculate mandatory breaks for your employees
  • You can import attendance details for staff members, which have no system user
  • You can import Daily Summaries using Excel Sheets, i.e. if you use a punch clock, which has no API to send the data directly to your system
  • You can manually create Time Summaries for single employees. Daily Summaries and Time Sheets are created automatically
  • Daily summaries are automatically flagged as holiday, if the day is a holiday


Project Management

  • By splitting time entries into 7 rendered services, project managers gain even more flexibility for their billing process
  • You can use multiple currencies within one single project



Solved Issues

  • Leave Entitlements in system rolled out double by system (CAS-12863-H1Y6S)
  • All Absence Types not visible in Employee Leave Request form (CAS-12859-W3R1K)
  • Virtual Time Clock: Privileges for Attendance Detail have not been adjusted for HR Employee and TT Employee Role (CAS-12845-V0Z3Q)
  • Digital Personnel File/ Employer vx Employer Account (CAS-12711-C1Z5F)
  • Exception when leave entitlements are created without valid contract (CAS-12562-Z4D8N)
  • CVParsing via Textkernel: only the first job history is taken (CAS-12557-T2C3N)