Release Notes Rollup Update 23

November 20, 2017 



  • The installation now includes base data:
    For HR Management:
    Settings Keys
    Absence Type Settings
    Calendar Entries
    Employment Contract Templates
    Leave Entitlements (for Employment Contract Templates)
    Recruiting Channels
    Skill Grades
    Travel Destinations (for Expense calculation)
    For Job Portal (Multiposter) Integration:
    xRM1 Integration Mapping
    xRM1 Integration Settings
    (Additional Tables are maintained directly by the Job Portal)
  • You can define detailed rules to create individual numberings for any entity, including prefixes, separators and the length of an incrementing number.

Platform Compatibility

  • The configuration page is now cross-browser compatible and can be used by all users with elevated priviliges (not only administrators)
  • The following silverlight dialogs were replaced by Dynamics dialogs:
    - Calculate project
    - Create project from order
    - Create project from template
    - Create project template
    - Edit project template
    - Export project
    - Import project
    - Upload license

HR Management

Staff Administration

  • Department field now handled different for new entered employees and employees where the department gets updated. For updates a dialog for guiding the user through subsequent changes (e.g. calculating business closure changes) is added.
  • Employee's leave entitlements can now be prioritized to define in which order the available entitlements should be consumed.


  • Applicants applying via the Portal can be asked by he recruiter to also self-rate their  skills that are applicable for the position.
  • You are now able to find the best match for a vacancy or a position by using detailed search criteria such as skills, certificates or time of employment to rate all employees and applicants.


  • The meal allowances for Belgium/US/Singapore are available for the automatic calculation according to the travel duration.


  • Payroll preparation was extended to handle more payroll periods, like one-time-, weekly-, bi-weekly-, semimonthly-, monthly- and yearly payments.
  • Current wages can now be transferred to the new year and, if applicable, be adjusted based on a percentage.

Time & Work Entry

  • Employees get an even better overview of all their allocated and attended hours by looking in their daily, weekly and monthly summaries.

Solved Issues

  • Deactivation of related records on inactivating employees (CAS-11751-N7J2Z)
  • Payment summary not getting generated when CRM system is not in M/D/YYYY format (CAS-12216-S0C9K)
  • Time Tracking Employee/Professional licenses - Security Roles to be defined to access Expenses and Project Absence entities (CAS-11490-R5Y5J)
  • Time Tracking Professional license missing privilege (CAS-11923-M3X1W)
  • Project Template - generating Projects from Templates doesn't maintain the Wizard's Start or End Date (CAS-12223-Q3H5F)
  • Absence Type "Maternity" broken Business Process Flow (CAS-11585-F5Y1Z)