Release Notes Rollup Update 22

May 15, 2017 


Platform Compatibility

  • To keep a clearer overview of the many functions and to enhance the usability, every area of Dynamics is now an own app, which can be started separately and show only the related functions of the specific area.
  • All the new features that come with the new Dynamics 365 are adopted and used to enhance the solution to get even more benefits out of the platform.
  • Only one package must be applied to the portal and it is ready to use, without any programming. Any configuration can be done within Dynamics.

HR Management


  • A new and easy way to create an overview of all wages and payments and export it ready to send to the payroll provider.
  • Possibility to create rules and templates to calculate commissions within Dynamics and show an overview of the earned achievements.

Personnel Development

  • An overview displays the whole training demand and makes planning of training events easier. Afterwards, attendees are able to rate the training to show the HR department, if the training was useful or must be optimized.


  • Addition of more vacancy details to be more specific beforehand, which can also be directly inherited from job profiles.
  • Full out-of-the-box integration of the German labor office (BfA) to submit vacancies with only a few clicks right from within the recruiting area.

Time Tracking

  • Every employee can use the virtual time clock to track his attendance and break times without the need for a physical time clock. The virtual time clock can be used within any device supported by Dynamics 365 (Outlook, Browser, Tablets, Mobile).

Solved Issues

  • Improved access to functions for users of the Time Tracking solution (CAS-11490-R5Y5J)
  • "FREE" and "TENTATIVE" appointments are showing up in the resource untilization table (CAS-11085-R0Z3H)
  • Forms for Product Family/Bundle could be overwritten by xRM1 Solution (CAS-11669-S0K0D)
  • GoldBright WBS doesn't show in the Project Form (CAS-11422-X7N4L)
  • Employee Cockpit - Appointments occuring on the 31st of the month don't show in the Month view (CAS-11397-C6H2K)
  • Application Quick search has no Search columns set (CAS-11528-R5B4P)
  • HTML Editors in Vacancy and Jobprofile cannot change Font Size and Font selection (CAS-11768-F8J6Q)
  • Setting Application to "Hired" - no lookup to the new created Employee is shown (CAS-11393-K7X8T)
  • Missing options to configure transfer of leave entitlements from one period to another (CAS-xxxxx)
  • Leave requests of the HR area are not showing up in the project planning area (CAS-xxxxx)