Release Notes Rollup Update 21

December 06, 2016 

HR Management


  • Documents provided by applicants can now be parsed with TEXTKERNEL CV-Parsing right away out of the application process. After parsing, the data is added within the applicant and the application within the system. This feature requires an additional license from TEXTKERNEL.
  • A standard configuration of the Dynamics Portals provides you with the option of publishing selected vacancies within your website and to receive applications from your website. The vacancies can either be integrated in your existing website or can be opened in a new page with a subdomain (e.g. This feature requires an additional license for Microsoft Dynamics Portals.
  • Within the recruiting process, XING can be used to automatically create new candidates within the system or to enhance the job history and education of existing applicants according to their XING profile. This feature requires an active XING membership.
  • A WYSIWYG HMTL Editor was added to Job Profiles and Vacancies to maintain formatting and accentuation and listings with bullet points within job descriptions.

Personnel Administration

  • Additional fields were added to the Digital Personnel File to better support the handover of employee data to payroll out-of-the-box (e.g. Payroll ID, Number of Children, …).
  • Within the new primary work location, for each employee a specific region or area can be specified which will be used to consider public holidays regarding the leave management. This is now independent of the employment contract of the employee.
  • A birthday list was added for all employees with easy sort and filtering possibilities.
  • An additional Best Practice Process to process Leave Requests with a substitute confirmation step has been added to the solution.

Project Management

Project Planning

  • The calculate new function is extended to support automatical a new calculation of all projects in the background (e.g. overnight).

Solved Issues

  • Automatic Progress is not calculated for some projects (CAS-11021-S8K1V)
  • Project Work Breakdown Structure (Goldbright technology) shows missing/blank lines (CAS-11116-T8V7G)
  • Creation of new Leave Entitlement results in wrong Leave Summary (CAS-11157-Z5M1F)
  • Removing Business Process Flow from Project Absence Management because of double process (CAS-08739-Q0J3X)
  • Generate Project (Ribbon Button) out of an Order Status is other than New (CAS-09641-K5H2J)
  • Gantt Chart (Silverlight): related activities of connected phase are not moved on automatic mode (CAS-10066-D1X4V)
  • Goldbright Datagrid does not consider field mapping of the entity relationship when creating a new record (CAS-10086-N7Z1C)
  • Removing Employee Cockpit launch from Outlook as Browser Compatibility Mode does not all functions of the Rapid Time Entry (CAS-10149-M3S1J)
  • Invoicing shows LoggingFailureException if multiple products are in the Order (CAS-10153-L4X1G)
  • Employee Cockpit might show ERROR 404 (CAS-10184-Y2C8B)
  • Employee Cockpit might show an Error on the screen (CAS-10246-H5T9C)
  • Billing function is rounding and therefore might deliver wrong results to Invoicing (CAS-10403-L8R6T, CAS-10580-V9D0P, CAS-10638-Q5P2B)
  • Billing function might show - [Arg_NullReferenceException] - Debugging resource strings are unavailable (CAS-10633-M2D3N)
  • Plugin xRM1BS.Plugin.HandleBusinessClosure prevents that a CRM administrator without CRM license can assign CRM roles (CAS-10863-M8N4V)
  • Calculation of booked project activities not working properly (CAS-10876-F5D1Q)
  • Personal costs are not updated after timebooking on project (CAS-10880-F7C1P)
  • Error message appears when activities are closed without any relationship to Project Management (CAS-10883-W5H0Z)
  • Order fields and revenue for acitivities are not filled automatically (CAS-10911-T5S2H)
  • Wrong entry in the per diem download file for 2016 for Germany (CAS-10983-D1T8J)
  • Tax calculation doesn’t work after Rollup 20 upgrade (CAS-10992-R7L2D)
  • Creating a leave request might show an error "Null object must have a value" (CAS-11038-B5T2W)
  • Calculate Activity Failed (CAS-11089-L7K1C)
  • Per Diem Calculation takes very long on long duration travel (CAS-11099-M8T8C)
  • HR Management Employee licensed user is not able to book time in Fast Time Entry because of security privilege error (CAS-11141-Z0Q6D)
  • Assignment of Staff Licence to a System-User impacts performance at billing process (CAS-11152-Y6R4M)
  • Leave Request Approval eMail for Supervisor states wrong Date (CAS-11164-S4K2B)
  • Leave Request Rejection eMail is not sent to Requester (CAS-11167-M3W2M)
  • Billing Summary Page shows error message for product lines with repeating decimals (CAS-11210-V9F5H)
  • Approved Leave Request: Outlook Appointment for employee is not created (CAS-11237-S1Q1H)