Release Notes Rollup Update 20

July 05, 2016 

HR Management


  • More than 40 Word document templates for contracts and letters have been added to support a quick start of the solution.
  • CRM Base Entities (Equipment, Business Unit,…) have been replaced by custom entities (Department, …) to support the lowest possible Microsoft CRM licensing costs for customers.
  • The available demo data for Trial Customers was enhanced so that demo records are automatically available for trial customers within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics 365, too.


  • Attachments within Applications received as Email will automatically be added to the Application record.
  • For data security reasons, applicant records will no longer be stored within the contact table but in an own separate Applicant data table.
  • The processing of Applications was improved with new steps for involving the line manager. Additionally the Vacancies were improved with additional overviews to track all applications in different stages within fact sheet.
  • Recruiting Channels are enhanced so that they are no longer connected to the accounts of CRM, but can be used and maintained independent of the account entity.
  • Automatic Rating for applications was added based on the available and required skills of the applicant.

Personnel Administration

  • For data security reasons, employee records will no longer be stored within the contact table but in an own separate Employee data table.
  • A full functional Absence Management with Absence Calendars and intuitive Leave Request forms, supporting leave request for Self Service and for Employees without access to the system.
  • Process based Leave Requests for different Absence Types enable a fast and intuitive handling through all levels (employees, supervisors, management).
  • For all employees all leave entries and entitlements are aggregated to leave summaries for fiscal or calendar years. These summaries can be used for reporting or exchanging data with the financial department.
  • Business Closures can be defined for specific departments and specific employees and the leave can be rolled out to all employees with one click.
  • Individual holiday calendars for different regions can be defined for the employees. These calendars will then be considered for calculating leave days automatically and reflecting the right work days within the absence calendar.
  • A fully customizable and grid-based Leave Calendar supports quick and easy vacation planning and general personnel planning.
  • Employment Contract Templates can be used to standardize the available options for new employees based on their job profile or department and help to quickly create new contracts for applicants and employees.
  • Work Accidents can be tracked within the system and the data can be exported with a Microsoft Word document template e.g. for the applicable insurance company.
  • Employment Contracts are enhanced with worktimes and workhours for every weekday. This data is used for the leave management, too.

Personnel Development

  • Create standard review templates within the system and use them to easily prepare dedicated reviews for your employees.
  • Performance Review are enhanced to better support Evaluations and/or Targets within one review. Separated tables were added to the form. For Evaluations, additional rating and weightage was added to the reviews.

Seminar Management

  • Seminar Calendar is enhanced with Drag & Drop function and with a monthly zoom option.

Dashboards and Reports

  • More dashboards were added and existing dashboards were improved to provide better overview out-of-the-box.

Project Management

Resource Management

  • Caching for the work hours of all users was changed to new Standard Procedures of Microsoft CRM to improve the loading performance for the Resource Utilization.
  • Global Planning Table is enhanced with a monthly zoom option.
  • The Global Planning table is enhanced with a function to send planning items as link via Email.

Solved Issues

  • After upgrade to Rollup 20 every activity shows an error message on save (CAS-10822-M5Y5B)
  • Resource Assignment error in Planning Table (CAS-10053-Y1R1P; CAS-10067-M7K0W)
  • Attendance Calculation: Entered hours are not shown correctly on the Rapid Time Entry (CAS-09917-W6S4L)
  • Hours entered is calculated wrong for some users on different dates in Employee Cockpit (CAS-08703-J0N6H)
  • CPI index in report "Project Portfolio" is shown wrong (CAS-09863-J0N6X)
  • Planning Table shows error when planning on Business Units (CAS-10092-X8Y7R)
  • Bug planning table itarapro_project_team (CAS-10133-R9L9P)
  • Planning Table resource utilization doesn't work for large projects (CAS-09553-L6W5M)
  • Rapid Time Entry: Quick Edit Area is moved to lower right corner on bigger screens (CAS-10117-D8P4K)
  • Rapid Time Entry: Quick Edit Window: Description Field shows not as multiple lines (CAS-10118-B7G8X)
  • Rapid Time Entry: New created records should be created on 12:00 (noon) and not on 00:00 because of storage in UTC in database/prevent time shift (CAS-10120-Z7J1M)
  • Per Diem Travel Calculator: Warning message is shown in German language (CAS-10029-L5B9S)
  • Planning Table shows error when planning on Services (CAS-09958-Y1B9Q; CAS-10161-T9Z2G)
  • Missing priviliges in standard security roles for CRM-Project regarding new planning records (CAS-09927-M1W7T)
  • Diagram for Skill Grades in Employee Form is not fully displaying the legend (CAS-09638-Z8V5G)
  • Employee Cockpit does not show chart for remaining leave days (CAS-09609-C4F9V)
  • Rapid Time Entry: creation of record when started from Outlook leads to an error (CAS-10160-G5H7V)
  • Actual MD fields does not update when task/activity is completed (CAS-09528-R9B5M)
  • Activity Calculation - Calculate New does not consider the amount invoiced in travels in the right way (CAS-08790-M4R8K)
  • Activity Calculation for Rendered Service does not consider hourspermanday setting for Estimated Revenue (CAS-10188-H6V1D)
  • Age field in Employee file is not calculated automatically or wrong result (CAS-09847-Q6B3G)
  • Microsoft Project Import and Export does not consider Material Usage (CAS-08503-N8Q1X)
  • Employee Cockpit: Cannot add IFRAME Component to a form (CAS-08810-Z2P2W)
  • Global Planning - Absences are not shown in the Global Planning (CAS-09795-S6M5R)
  • Global Planning - Work Planned is showing in Minutes for the planning item on the scheduler and for mouse over (CAS-09796-B1Y4P)
  • Receipt is automatically set to paid by Employee and Expense Calculator is displayed always (CAS-08682-G5Y6J)
  • Removed all Case Forms from xRM1 Solution as they caused problems with form rendering (CAS-10281-Y3W5Q)
  • The Lenght of Output Assignment's Name is limited to 100. Has to be changed to 255 (CAS-10031-N6S6F)