Release Notes Rollup Update 19

February 04, 2016 

HR Management

Seminar Management

  • Create a catalog of all available seminars of your organization. Track internal and external providers for all seminars. Create a seminar schedule for all seminars for different locations. Track and manage participants according to available seats or with waitlists. Follow up for certificate creation for the participation.

Dashboards and Reports

  • Organizational Charts that show the relationship between all managers, supervisors and their employees are available out of the box.


  • Perdiem meal allowance rates for 2016 are available for import.

Project Management


  • Perdiem meal allowance rates for 2016 are available for import.

Solved Issues

  • Field "Last Activity" for a project adds 1 day to the real value (CAS-09533-V7L3K)
  • A duplicate heading exists for user and contact (CAS-09480-S0K8V)
  • Absense application does not reduce remaining leave value for user lower then 0 (CAS-08944-Z3K7H)
  • Age field in Employee (Contact) calculates wrong (CAS-08859-D2F9F)
  • Appointment changed to Scheduled status when Billing is saved (CAS-08348-T0V9Y)
  • Approving Template fails on start of template functionality (CAS-09267-X1C5X)
  • Automated assignment for HR records to the according employee for ESS functions (CAS-09214-P7Q4P)
  • Ensure access to the HR calendar for users with HR Manager and HR Supervisor license (CAS-09586-B4F4X)
  • Unable ot create business closure ("itarapro_carryover") (CAS-09503-R1L9Y)
  • Business Closure is shown in Outlook Calendar multiple times in CRM 2011 (CAS-07544-V6D7S)
  • Business Units Page Not Loading (CAS-09423-V7P8G)
  • Calculate New functionality fails in CRM Online systems when there are more than 5000 project nodes (CAS-09613-Q2P2Q)
  • JavaScript Error when cancelling a Leave Request (CAS-09578-C2Y3Q)
  • Text in E-Mail Template: "Ihre Projektzuweisungen - CRM-Project [DE]" is english even though it is called [DE] and is setup in German (CAS-08227-D4C2G)
  • Fixes on priviliges regarding all HR security roles (CAS-09358-J8D3R)
  • Error message is not shown when creating a record in the Rapid Time Entry (CAS-09387-B9Q0N)
  • Employee Cockpit - Human Resources Section - Lookup shows wrong values (CAS-08878-F1Z5M)
  • "My Open Targets" in HR Employee Self Service for Employee Cockpit show wrong records (CAS-08967-C1V8G)
  • Employee Cockpit changes the regarding object's record display name to the root entity name (CAS-09166-K9H1X)
  • Fix for creating rendered services for external suppliers (CAS-08724-Q4K2R)
  • Error while importing a project with the Microsoft Project Import function in CRM Online systems (CAS-09056-Q7Q5J)
  • Creating a new project freezes the browser (CAS-08950-K8X9Y)
  • Error message regarding licenses shows wrong information (CAS-08888-S5X4X)
  • Generate Project out of the Order doesn't work for specific status reasons of the order (CAS-09427-Q8N7F)
  • Goldbright - Datagrid - Add a new sub record is not working (CAS-09488-C1M7T)
  • When creating a Leave Request the Reamining Leave is not filled (CAS-09393-B5L1F)
  • Employee Cockpit - HR Self-Service - Charts do not refresh when list view is refreshed (CAS-07989-R4Z5F)
  • Employee Cockpit: not able to set a regarding for a new created appointment (CAS-08792-D9H6Y)
  • Length of field itarapro_name in Output Assignement enlarged to 255 characters (CAS-09416-Z8J6B)
  • Enabling negative time entries for Rapid Time Entry (CAS-09551-Q6K1X)
  • Planning Table within Project - Sorting for Service-User Relationship is not alphabetically (CAS-09090-T6K6F)
  • Activitiy Calculation plugin fails when duration is provided in Material Usage or Rended Service (CAS-09398-X1T3C)
  • Perdiem expense calculation throws Generic SQL Error (CAS-08777-Z1H2J)
  • Rapid Time Entry - Project and Service switches after changing the week (CAS-09126-V2B1H)
  • Rapid Time Entry does not enter data into specific fields in the quick edit area (CAS-09044-X0R6W)
  • Rapid Time Entry - choosing Project doesn't work (CAS-09428-T8H8P)
  • Rapid Time Entry is not Showing Project Names when using CRM Online 2015 Update 1 (CAS-09183-F6B2P)
  • Security Roles for HR Supervisor and HR Manager adjusted to show the Absence Calendar (CAS-08955-T8N2T)
  • Template function creates duplicate tasks in on premise systems (CAS-08536-V7S7R)
  • Microsoft Project Importer Fails to save Level using Microsoft Project 2013 (CAS-09273-K4N6K)
  • Some links from the solution to manuals and FAQ are broken (CAS-09331-Y1Y7M)