Release Notes Rollup Update 10

July 10, 2013 

In the context of regular updates CRM-Project Rollup 10 is available now.

Screen Gallery Highlights

The following New Features have been added:

Employee Cockpit based on HTML5

  • Time Tracking with Outlook calendar experience
  • Drag and drop in the calendar
  • Fast entering and editing options
  • A stopwatch to help you easily track your time
  • Book on entities like tickets, projects, maintenance contracts, opportunities etc.
  • Highlighting and filtering option for open, closed, and invoiced appointments
  • Employee Cockpit can be used from outside Dynamics CRM
  • 100% HTML5 technology
  • First time on the market: HTML5 and JS technology as Dynamics CRM Orion preview

Fast Time Entry enhancements

  • Time entry now also on:
    • Leads and opportunites
    • Tickets and Accounts
    • Campaings and more
  • User interface refreshed
  • Projects can now be selected in two steps:
    • First select the main project and then
    • Select from a tree-structure the proper node

Digital approval signature for projects

  • Digital signature to allow safer project approval
  • Prepared for different purposes and fields

Geographical Structures in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • New area featuring continents, countries, and individual geographical structures
  • A country list to replace the variances of the standard text field
  • Regional link of countries
  • Custom areas and structures, to organize your global business
  • Download standard country list with continents from

Performance improvements

  • The planning table’s resource preview can now be activated and deactivated by the user which allows faster planning, when working on bigger projects
  • Several plug-ins changed to asynchronous processing
  • Improved performance of functionalities such as billing component and the planning table
  • Solution file cleaned of non-xRM1 content to ensure customizations, to standard entities, are not overwritten.

Improvements to usability

  • Automated check of conflicts between activities and regarding project node end dates
  • Bug fixes and feature enhancements for calculation functionalities

Additional Language

  • CRM-Project is now available in Portuguese as well

The rollup can be imported in a few minutes as an update. It is then immediately available for all users.

Existing customers can download the update in the Customer portal.
A trial version is available for prospective customers.