Pricing for America, Asia, Australia and Africa

License type Purchase Subscription
Staff $ 70 $ 4.50
Employee $ 160 $ 9.50
Supervisor $ 690 $ 35
HR Manager $ 1270 $ 59
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Pricing for Europe

License type Purchase Subscription
Staff 70 € 4,50 €
Employee 160 € 9,50 €
Supervisor 690 € 35 €
HR Manager 1270 € 59 €
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You can install Dynamics HR Management locally in your company or use the software in the cloud.

Buy or subscribe

Independent from the chosen deployment option you have the option to either buy Dynamics HR Management or subscribe for a monthly fee.

Dynamics 365 Licenses

To use Dynamics HR Management you may require additional Dynamics 365 licenses. You can find prices for Dynamics 365 here. Your staff require no Dynamics 365 licenses. Each individual active employee requires individual Team Member licenses, unless they already have such a license. One single Dynamics 365 Plan 1 License is required for administration.

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Function Staff Employee Supervisor HR Manager
Skill Management x x x x
Job History x x x x
Scorecards x x x x
Leave and Vacation Tracking x x x x
Process Assignments x x x x
Management of Certificates x x x x
Attendance & Overtime Tracking x x x x
Access to Dynamics platform   x x x
Mobile Apps   x x x
Office Integration   x x x
Outlook client   x x x
Employee Cockpit (customizeable)  x x x
Change own employee data   x x x
Time Entry on Dynamics CRM Standard Entities  x x x
Request for Leave   x x x
Travel & Expenses  x x x
Target Achievement   x x x
My Personal Reports   x x x
Evaluate oneself and others   x x x
Run Performance Reviews     x x
Absence Management     x x
Absence Calendar     x x
My Team Based Reporting     x x
Application Management     x x
Staff Management       x
Process Management       x
Process RACI Definition       x
Global Reporting       x
Job Specifications       x
Candidate Management       x
Onboarding and Offboarding Management (incl. Project Templates)       x
Payroll Integration       x

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