Dynamics HR Management Feature Training - Microsoft Dynamics 365
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The Challenge

  • You’ve purchased Dynamics HR Management, but are behind your expectations?
  • User-related and administrative questions concerning the software which no one in the company is able to answer Keep coming up?
  • You’re looking for direct, competent and quick answers to your questions?
  • You’re interested in a flexible training agenda that will focus on topics important to you?

Training directly from the manufacturer – Our experience will help you on

Trainings are offered on-site and online as well as public and closed.

A certified trainer with long-term experience will train the functions of Dynamics HR Management . Furthermore, he will share his experience in implementing your individual requirements with you.

In online trainings, a certified Trainer imparts the knowledge out of a professional Studio. Via video connection, you can ask questions and discuss complex requirements.

Scope and content of closed trainings are defined by you - from the first steps up to individual tailor-made education for experienced users.

The participants should approximately have the same state of knowledge.

Public and Private Trainings

With public training, you’ll be participating together with other fellow customers, partners and Microsoft employees. With private training, only colleagues from your Company may participate.

Benefits of Public Training

  • Share best practices with people from other companies
  • Less expensive for fewer participants from your company

Benefits of Private Training

  • Customized training agenda
  • Training to the point, just what is needed
  • Internal inquiries and challenges can be discussed openly with the trainer
  • Any amount of participants of your company at a fixed price

Benefits of Online Training

  • No travel costs and times
  • Smaller training units possible
  • No set-up costs, learning directly at your desk

Benefits of On-Site Training

  • Higher learning effect than in online training
  • Discussions and interactivity better than in training
  • Less distraction in training in a training center or on-site with a partner


For the execution, you may choose between different alternatives.

  • Training Online
  • On-site in your country
  • In the Dynamics HR Management branch in your country
  • Training with an Dynamics HR Management partner


You determine the scope of the private training. You can combine desired functions freely so that the training is focused exactly on your targets.

The forms to support the creation of your individual training agenda can be found in the Download section.

Training Scope

  • Imparting of training topics by an experienced Dynamics HR Management trainer
  • Electronic training material concerning the selected functions is available for download
  • Provision of an appropriate training system for each participant


Each participant will receive the following:

  • Training material with exercises and examples
  • A preconfigured virtual system to be used personally on a notebook or
  • Alternative remote desktop access to a training system in the cloud

Next Step

Feel free to contact us at any time, we’re happy to answer your questions.