Feature Overview HR Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Features Overview Dynamics HR Management

Use just one single solution for all your work in HR Management. No more duplicate data entries, and you need only one password - your Windows password. Save time and money with added convenience!


Dynamics Recruiting

Dynamics Recruiting supplies all the features you need for recruitment in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM and Office 365, from job profiles to automated publishing of job adverts, and it even helps you select the best candidate.

  • Application Management
  • CV Parsing
  • Candidate selection
  • Skype interviews
  • Skill ratings
  • Onboarding processes
  • Recruiting channel evaluation
  • Job portal integration
  • Website integration

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Publish job applications with one click... then sit back and wait

The future is now. Don't waste any more time manually publishing job adverts or copying applications or applicant profiles. Dynamics Recruiting does this for you - reliably and completely automated.

  • Publish job adverts automatically on your website career portal
  • Broadcast to employment agency, career websites, LinkedIn etc.
  • Details from incoming applications are imported into the system automatically in a structured fashion
  • Prospective employees send application via career websites such as LinkedIn directly into the system, without you having to do a thing!
  • Automate import of popular job advertisements with CV Parsing
  • Save time and don't risk any typos when transferring data

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Staff Administration

Dynamics Staff Administration

Dynamics Staff Administration provides all the vital functions needed for staff administration in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Find everything you need at a glance in the digital employee file. Time-consuming routine tasks are delegated to the software.

Employees use the Self Service Portal to submit requests and can independently check information such as remaining leave. Saving everyone a lot of time.

  • Digital employee file
  • Personnel plan
  • File management
  • Vacation and absences
  • Contracts and target agreements
  • Reminder of important deadlines
  • Medical records
  • Disciplinary measures

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Digital Employee File

The digital employee file is the hub of Dynamics Staff Administration. View each employee from every angle.

  • Contact details and employment contract
  • Salary and salary development
  • Letters and scanned documents
  • Emails and telephone protocols
  • Information on apprenticeship and training
  • Skills & development
  • Role in the company and provided equipment
  • Maternity leave and absences
  • Data from individual department, e.g. commission from sales

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Talent Management

Dynamics Talent Management

Dynamics Talent Management provides all the functions you need for talent management in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

From performance reviews to target agreements, right through to organization of training - you'll find comprehensive activities and tasks for staff development.

  • Skills and responsibilities
  • Target assessments
  • Target agreement
  • 360° feedback
  • Training calendar and training management
  • Advanced training and certification
  • Medical records and certification

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Performance Reviews

Dynamics Talent Management supports you with the organization and implementation of performance reviews. Goals agreed upon are automatically added to the digital employee file.

Commitments are shown in employee Self-Service portal and in Outlook, as a long-term reminder of goals.

  • Performance reviews simplified by usage of templates
  • Employee can view scorecard in Self-Service portal
  • Transparent, accountable performance appraisal
  • Digital signature for agreements
  • Automatic transfer of goals in the digital employee file
  • Automatic transfer of training requirement to the training module
  • Participants can view follow-up to performance review in their Outlook

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Modern Working

Employee Self-Service

Employees can manage their absence days, activities, travel expenses and receipts. All necessary functions can be administered in an employee portal.

Enable your employees to record their expenses in the office, on the go on their smartphone or tablet, or offline in Outlook.

  • Time tracking and attendance recording
  • Absence management, e.g. sick leave
  • Vacation requests and approval
  • Display of remaining leave
  • Travel expenses and receipt administration
  • Dashboard showing training stand
  • Download of forms and employee information

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One Calendar for Everything

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365, every employee has access to their own calendar. Employees can view and manage their appointments in Outlook, and on their smartphone or tablet, and schedule their daily tasks.

Dynamics Staff Administration is seamlessly integrated in this calendar - out of the box - in every department, for every employee. The calendar is available immediately and always synchronized.

And with that, you've put HR in the center of your employees' world.

  • At a glance, coordinate vacation time with colleagues
  • Easily arrange appointments with colleagues from other departments
  • View upcoming training events in your calendar
  • Check availability of participants for training events
  • Performance Reviews, deadlines and more are displayed in your calendar
  • View short absences, including scheduled duration, in colleagues' calendars
  • Longer absences such as maternity leave, hiatus etc are displayed when relevant
  • Use the same calendar: on the go, offline and on every device

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Time Tracking - As individual as you are

Every company is different. Every employee and every situation have individual requirements of time tracking. Finally, with Dynamics Time Tracking, we have a solution that combines these demands in an innovative time tracking system.

How do we do that? We offer six different options for time tracking, which can be combined with any given device. You'll find a solution for any situation and any employee.

  • Employee Cockpit
  • Log in and out via Start / Stop Key
  • Log in via a grid (similar to Excel)
  • Time tracking direct in Microsoft Outlook, Browser, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Log in from the office, in home office or on business trips in hotel
  • Integration of time tracking terminals

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Microsoft Outlook and more

With Dynamics HR Management, you can handle all your HR tasks in the familiar Outlook environment. Right next to your email inbox, you'll find all you need for HR management, including digital HR files, recruiting and training, and even important evaluations and deadlines.

If you prefer, you can also use your favorite browser or even your smartphone. You'll be amazed how easily HR management can be!

  • Work directly in Outlook
  • No need to learn new HR software
  • Arrange appointments with applicants in Outlook calendar
  • Approve vacation requests as an email or Outlook task
  • Work wherever you are, on any browser
  • Work offline in Outlook and sync data at a later point
  • You can even work on any Android, Microsoft oder Apple Smartphone

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Work on the go - in the office, at home or on a business trip

Every company is different; Every employee and situation can have different requirements. At last, Dynamics HR Management provides a solution to suit any working environment.

A typical day at the office with Dynamics HR Management...

  • Start HR Management in the office in Microsoft Outlook
  • Switch to the browser in the conference room
  • Work offline from home in the afternoon
  • In the meantime, call an applicant on Skype for Business
  • Quickly check your remaining vacation allowance at the travel agents on your smartphone
  • In an emergency, send a sick note via smartphone

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Office 365 Productivity of Employees

Take a look at how the new Office 365 applications and service work in real life.

Learn how teams can be connected, and discover how Office 365 and Dynamics HR Management improves collaboration between employees, freelancers and partners.

  • Work anywhere!
  • Have all relevant HR information at your fingertips
  • Collaborate in real time on documents
  • Share documents with colleagues with just one click
  • Optimize cooperation between HR Manager, department heads and employees
  • Impress employees with modern working practices
  • Work securely via Cloud

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