Base Data & Settings

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Note: Starting with Rollup 28, you can specify in the base data supplied by us whether these data records are to be maintained by yourself or by us in the future. All you have to do is open the data records and fill in the field Maintained by. If you leave the field empty, future updates will assume that you manage it yourself. This means that no data records will be overwritten by us.

If you want us to manage certain data records, set the field to Solution Provider.

You do not have to open each record individually, mass editing is possible.


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Recruiting Channels

Manage the channels that are used to publish vacancies

Employer Profiles

Create and organize employer profiles


Define all skills that are required within your organization

Skill Grades

Define skill grades for rating the skill levels of the employees

Employment Terms Templates

Define and manage templates for all employment terms within your organization

Commission Templates

Create and manage commission calculation templates that can be distributed to the employees


Manage the departments or divisions of your organization


Define business, main, and sub processes available in your company


Manage all states, countries, and regions and how they are linked to each other

Travel Destinations

Maintain the travel destinations for the automated calculation of the perdiem rates

Review Templates

Create and organize templates for employee performance reviews

Medical Exams

Manage the typical medical exams in your organization


Store all standard certificates that are used within the HR Management of your organization


Organize and manage the work equipment of your organization


Define and maintain the general calendars for your organization

Absence Type Settings

Defines the settings for the Absence Types


Define and manage insurances for all employees

Cost Centers

Maintain cost centers and use these for the assignment of employees and business processes

Work Certificate Ratings

Define and manage Rating Templates for Work Certificates


Define and manage Working Shifts for all Employees

Attendance Calculation Configurations

Define and manage Attendance calculation settings including mandatory break rules